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Welcome to Oroquieta City

This website is resurrected to honor one of the medical pioneers of Oroquieta City, Dr. Emerico L. Conol. A well respected physician, Doc Emer (as what I love to call him with utmost respect) was a golden-hearted Oroquietanian. His well known compassion and dedication to his patients were remarkable characteristics that I could not allow to dwindle from the memories of those he served. He could have gone overseas and for all we know have made a fortune for himself being a well experienced medical provider. However, his heart belonged to his people of Oroquieta, and so, he decided to stay and served us to the end. He did not only have a compassionate and energetic hand that promoted healing, but he also gave his unconditional sacrifice to those who needed him the most - the poor people of Oroquieta and its neighbors. Whether you had money or no money at all, he gave his courage and wisdom to share his God-given skills and abilities to care for the sick and the lame. As a visionary politician, he worked hard to uphold the office that was entrusted to him with a vision to nourish our culture in order to promote prosperity among the people.

This website is to renew his spirit as our valuable model that would inspire others to follow his footsteps of treating everyone with equality as well as protecting our culture as Filipinos. Preserving Oroquieta's history, including but not limited to Church properties and the Faith that we so dearly embraced since the beginning of our times are one of the Doc Emer's passionate goals in life. As a clinician, I shall be grateful for his guidance and advice. As a friend who share his compassion for the poor in service of Christ, I will continue to defend the rights of the people of Oroquieta and the people of our province.

Boulevard Entrance Gateway to Oroquieta City
The National road which accesses Oroquieta City from Ozamiz City. Located in the Talic area, this road is built in cement where the median is landscaped with beautiful flowers and plants.

Aerial view of Oroquieta City Aerial View - National Titles
2001 Cleanest River nationwide; Finalist in 2002; 2001 Greenest and Cleanest Component City nationwide; 2002 1st Runner-up, Greenest and Cleanest Component City; 2002 Cleanest Public Toilet nationwide.

The Plaza The Plaza
Located across the road from the City Hall, the Plaza serves as the center for gathering and many social and cultural activities. It lies across the grounds of The Holy Rosary Church, facing Iligan Bay.

The Seawall at the Plaza The Seawall at the Plaza
The Seawall is part of the Plaza where people spend their time relaxing, while enjoying the beautiful and majestic Iligan Bay.