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Oroquieta Must Change

Oroquieta City Needs Global Influence

How do we see "global influence" really promotes prosperity at home? Well, let’s examine first what Oroquietanians have done. Oroquietanians have gone to foreign lands to seek progress and improve themselves economically. While working in foreign lands, they undoubtedly see the difference in the advancing economy between the Philippines and other Western countries. With gained experienced and widened knowledge, they come home and say that Oroquieta has never prospered. This is because the disparity of comparison between Oroquieta and the Western countries is much bigger that people usually forget to see the least positive small change. No matter how small a change there is, prosperity will come if people continue to work together for a common good.

For example, Oroquieta has considerable large tracts of land. However, due to lack of knowledge on how to take good care of the land so that it will retain its fertility, quality production of crops is reduced. Looking back through the ways the early settlers have handled their lands, we see the difference on the fertility of the soil at present time. Many descendants of those early settlers have simply become more extinct that the new generation has totally forgotten those important qualities on how their forefathers have survived.

Today, our farmers just simply plow and plow the land and plant and plant without giving food to the land. It sounds crazy, but the land needs rest and allow the compost of the leaves and grasses to become its own fertilizer. Today’s cultivation method is done in such a way that when it rains, the topsoil (which is the fertile soil) is washed down to the creeks and rivers losing our most important resource for productive farming. We need to learn how to change this improper way of farming. Because of the lack of proper knowledge and techniques, as well as advanced technology in farming, our farmers are losing their interest to farm.

What Oroquieta needs is "influence" for change. We need help from the outside source. Those Balikbayans who gained adequate and proper knowledge and techniques in productive farming can help teach Oroquieta’s farmers by showing them the proper ways. The need for a cleaner environment is also affecting our communities. Oroquieta can also benefit from Balikbayans who can share their knowledge on the environmental aspects so that people can lead a healthy lifestyle. Our communities lack sufficient knowledge on how to sustain life through self-sufficiency. The diminishing qualities of self-sufficiency that our ancestors have left us is affecting our present way of life. We need Balikbayans to teach our people or instill back the qualities for self-sufficiency.

Yes, it is Oroquieta’s obligation to develop its communities, but due to inadequate Government funding, prosperity is slow because rapid changes require economic support. The local government can not do it all alone because it lacks resources to produce enough money. Oroquieta needs full cooperation from the people of the community and support from the outside. Influential support (of any kind) from the outside will certainly provide overall benefit to Oroquieta and Misamis Occidental at large.

For example, Balikbayans can help develop their own hometown communities by being proactive in giving their hometown comrades with the opportunity for change. Balikbayans possess advanced knowledge and abilities than their hometown comrades and they can share that to influence their comrades to make some changes in their way of life. Teaching your hometown communities with new skills and knowledge on anything that can promote change will result in the progress of your own hometown community. By the same token, you can return home to retire in that progressive community.

Finally, this Web site is proposing the "Volunteer Balikbayan Program" to the Governor in an effort to promote prosperity by way of instilling new skills, knowledge and abilities to the people of the community.

Thank you and May God Bless Us All,

By: Dr. Emerico L. Conol