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The Awakening

Is Right Positive or is Left Negative? - Only God Knows

Angging Bayutas Mutia

There is a big difference between right and wrong and God has given us the freedom to choose. When we look at what has happened in our lives, what do we do first? We look at "whoís and whatís" to blame before looking at ourselves and taking responsibility of our actions. We make choices and when things go wrong, we donít ask ourselves why we made those choices. If a person made a mistake, we immediately judge him/her by what had happened. We donít even stop for a minute to ask why and we unfairly "beat or condemn" the personís spirit by making judgment, instead of providing every moral support and compassion to correct the mistake. Who are we to judge anyway? Are we, God? We always point the finger at anyone who (or anything that) might fill in the "gap of blame."

While growing up as a lonely young child, I used to blame God that He caused my sadness because He took my mother away before I could even learn to communicate with her. Unbeknownst to my young intellect, God gave me the choice of which path should I take in life so I could be where I am or what I have become. I took the path of sacrifices to earn an education, but I could have also taken another easy path that could have resulted to difficult consequences in life. I would have never known!!!

We never know what the future holds, but we certainly have control of our actions of which choice should we make when we have it. Letís say I could have made a choice to take the path to become wealthy in many different ways, but I didnít make that choice because there were important underlying circumstances involved. One of the many ways could have been choosing to be selfish by dedicating my time and energy to gain wealth at the expense of my childrenís upbringing to become Godís children. As a single mother, I chose the best path I believed was best for my children - and although still poor, I became a great mother to wonderful children and compassionate to mankind. What I chose was the best I saw God sees fit for me to live the righteous way by obeying His rules towards mankind.

In politics we could also make many different choices. We can be a dedicated member of a certain political party and without examining the ability of each politician to do his/her job, we may just "go with the flow" because we chose to vote for a political party, not a personís ability to do the job well. Then if things go wrong in our government, where do we point the fingers to blame? Ask yourself.

The people of the world blame America for being aggressive towards other countries that harbor evil. The people can make a choice as to whether they should believe Americaís words or should they believe the other way? Many countries would like to work with America because of the many good intentions that it has done to mankind. With evidence of goodness and evil, America has shown to the people of the world to make that choice. Or - we could make a choice to go against America because we donít want another war.

What should happen if we just sit around and do nothing? Think about the September 11 tragedy - America had the choice to stop those people from killing Americans long before the new President came, but America did not make that choice. Or should we listen to the "signs" of danger and make a choice to take a step?

Letís say, one prophet said that Armageddon was going to take place in 2000 years since the birth of Jesus Christ, but it didnít happen in the year 2000 - that was two years ago! Wait a minute, another prophet also said that Jesus Christ did not really come in the year 0, but he came in the year 3 - does it mean Armageddon will take place in the year 2003?

Now you make the choice as to when should we do goodness to life or mankind - should we do it now or should we wait when Armageddon comes and by that time we donít have that choice to make any longer?

Letís examine the criminals. They have the choice to kill or not to kill, but they chose to kill and where are they now? They are in jail or they got killed. The ones in jail are tormented mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Those killers who got killed, God only know where their souls are.

Letís look back World War II, the world had a choice to eliminate Hitler in order to stop the War. Many people of Germany believed on Hitlerís words including his orders to eliminate the Jews. With enemies from each side of the globe, America and its allies worked endlessly to fight and decided to bomb Hiroshima to end the fight. What do you think could have happened if we let Hitler go on from one side of the globe and let the communist anarchy on the other side? Do you think we would have this freedom to live the way we want to? I doubt, but who knows? Or - should we be thankful to America and its allies for liberating the world from the strongest evil there was? They may have not cleansed all evils of the world, but we can surely say that "Thanks for the Freedom." Now we have the freedom of everything, the righteous way or the evil way?

To sum up, Only God is perfect. No we are not perfect and nothing in this world is perfect. However, we can correct an imperfect world bit by bit by doing what is right. God has given us freedom to choose between right and wrong. With that, freedom must be based on those messages that He sends as to how and what choice to make. Lucifer was once a good Angel of God and he was given the freedom of choice, but he chose the wrongful way and he was cast in Hell.

Ging Mutia