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"Global Influence for a Better Future"

What does it mean when global influence hits our Province? This means that we are looking at changes, which also result in progress. I remember the old days - while I saw our culture as being great, gentle, and safe, its vulnerability was easily captured by the outside influence where people embraced the "winds of change."

In the beginning of industrial revolution, people (especially the old) were adamant to change. However, as years rolled by, they start to follow their instinct and absorbed the opportunity for change. In spite of any corrupting force that destroyed our pristine livelihood, as humans, we continue to ignore the signals for caution by overextending our hands even to the ones we didnít know. Despite putting things into perspective, we are at most times, optimistic to think that everyone is like us - kind, gentle, hospitable and hard working individuals.

Today another shift is occurring, a new life that sees the relationship between culture, advancing science and technology as intertwined, each affecting everyone of us. Either positive or negative, it is up to us to bring "change" into the community and keep it parallel with the present livelihood. There is a big difference in the parallelism of prosperity and consumerism in the city and the province. We need to address the issue of separation between the past and the present. We donít have to use evolutionary theory to make everyone understand what this issue means? We simply need to look for the "positive" and never think that we can not conceivably learn from the past.

Wherefore, the dynamics of preserving the basics of our cultural heritage means balancing our livelihood and the changing society. It is however, important that we carefully approach the flow of influence into our society so that people will never forget where they came from. Depending on how you adapt to the modern influence, society change also results from different interests emerging from different circumstances.

For example, before the arrival of modern transportation and communication and despite the increase in population, people continued to go on with their daily lives without looking at whether tomorrow the "winds of change" may come to affect their way of life. That was because people never thought that "global influence" might hit them at the most unexpected way. The arrival of modern technology may be an awakening for most people, but there are still some of those who really sees the integration of computer technology as a "pain in the neck." This is because this group of people does not want "change" or perhaps not aware of how "change" can result in progress.

The most important component of this Web site is the networking opportunities, not only internationally, but also locally. Sometimes we donít realize that our next-door neighbor has a special talent and ability that we can benefit from. If we don't interact with that "next-door" neighbor, we may never know that our opportunity for progress is right there outside our own backyard. By sharing ideas through this Web site, we can promote global influence that can be directed towards our people and thus, promotes prosperity. Through this Web site, we can link with everyone and everything by getting the flow of information all across the globe. Ultimately, this Web site will serve as the focal point for international outreach community among Oroquietanians all over the world.

There are groups of Filipinos who could hardly imagine the present progress in our hometowns. Little by little we must look around us as whether changes are happening in our area. When you open your windows and doors at each awakening day, try to examine if the color of the leaves have changed. If it did, then the influence of weather from the global source has finally reached your home to change your environment.

We must also understand the context of influence. Our desires to change our lives the way we want it to be can be best formed by selfless interest to help others on the basis of what you truly believe which comes from the heart - and thatís what you can call "rational expectations." However, if all the desires are purely self-interest, "change" is not going to come your way the way you see it, because your insight in life will be so narrowed. The unpredictability of life will definitely rule our desires to be optimistic, but it is up to us to be open-minded and allow to put things into perspective.

Thank you Everyone

Ging Mutia