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Welcome to Oroquieta Cityís website! Consider that you are in Oroquieta City each time you visit this site. Our Mission is to serve the people and community of Oroquieta City, its neighboring towns and the province of Misamis Occidental through different initiatives that aim at promoting prosperity and our culture. Initiatives such as Scholarship Foundation, Saving the Holy Grounds of the Holy Rosary Church from commercialization, and Medical Mission are among the projects that we support to uphold the legacy of the Oroquietanian Pioneers. Most of what is written here may refer in plural form as we use God as the Guiding Light and Force in materializing our Mission.

As you go through the sections, you will learn and understand the true meaning of loyalty and gratitude towards God and His creations. This project is very meaningful to me because of many reasons, but the very main reason is that God has called upon me to act on this special journey of my life in which He sees so appropriate. So, in special tribute to my mother who was an Oroquietanian, I wholeheartedly answered His call and got the project started.

Ofelia Bayutas Mutia

A website can be expensive to produce because it requires the expert service of a professional programmer, good writer, reliable computer and computer operating systems. Although I am not a Nobel Prize lyricist, I do my best in portraying my message so everyone can understand. In addition, having a brilliant and caring professional programmer makes my world go 'round. The free time and energy poured by my partner-programmer is tremendous, and yet life has challenged me to have the best bargain of the required hardware and software at the right time and price. The reality of a collaborator, Dr. Emerico Conol (with his daughter, Helen Villaruel) is a gift from God. Such meeting of the minds and spirits enabled us to produce Oroquieta Cityís innovative "service-spirit."

The main purpose of this site is to help improve Oroquieta Cityís future, thereby helping its people. Delivering a presentation from my computer to yours allows us to challenge your ability to look at where you came from. At 48, I feel that this is the right time that God has given me to do this project. I could have not done this 10 years ago while I was single-handedly raising my two small children and jump-starting the final phase of my career. Time is more precious than money. Iím sure that many professionals from our hometowns who have immigrated to the western world wanted to do what I am doing for Oroquieta City. However, because of individual lifestyle demands, it becomes so difficult for most everyone to actualize or realize such dreams. Sincerity and commitment are what challenge people the most......causing them to withdraw from their plan. From talking to fellow "kababayans" who are now in America, many of them were unanimous on the most critical issue - and that is to see improvements in our hometowns.

Spending a great deal of time imparting critical information especially on the issues that our country is facing will challenge every Filipino to pick up the pieces of their lives and do something to make a difference. Many of us have heard news about our hometowns, especially the sufferings of our people and the government. However, news information can eventually diminish. In order for people to remember of the previous information, visual reinforcement will be provided through this website. We are trying our best to use good techniques in enhancing our younger generationís learning ability about the issues involved while reinforcing enthusiasm for everyone to participate in making a difference for Oroquieta City.

When I left Macawa, Aloran in 1976, I never knew then when I was coming back. In August of 1998, I was glad to have returned to the Philippines for the first time in 22 years. Feeling like a prodigal child, I felt so remorseful of the years I have lost. Nevertheless, setting foot on my motherland again, I was proud to have maintained that Filipino identity and loyalty. Walking through the aisles of the village where I grew up, I could not help but admire the attractive, natural wonder of the shining seas and greenery. I think it was because most everything that I left 22 years past were still there, except they were rearranged in different places by earth and time.

Memories, milestones, and dreams helped me understand my responsibilities as a Filipino-American toward my children, the country I now live in and where I came from. Promoting our cultural heritage and strengthening our values for family ties are noble tasks every Filipino must do. Nowadays in the competitive melting pot, we are often portrayed as foreigners and we even take a step further to proudly say - "I'm a Filipino." Today, more and more children from Filipino ancestry seek to define the identity they can call their own. As parents, many of us lack the inclination, time or, for a variety of reasons, the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual capability and commitment to give our children the answer.

Although I am artistically deficient, I hope that this website gives you joy with the quality of product and service being produced. The absence of consequential drawbacks, such as people who are critical toward our government and its credibility and integrity will help us achieve our goal. So, I ask you to give our leaders a chance to do their job and letís give them our moral support for the good job they perform. Thank you for visiting Oroquieta City, and God Bless!!!

Very truly yours,

Ging Mutia