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Oroquieta's Loyal Son

Dr. Emerico L. Conol

A person with great humility is always contented of his own life without prejudice to the challenges that surround him....and that person is no other than, Dr. Emerico L. Conol...the true and loyal son of Oroquieta City. When I asked Dr. Conol to provide me with an article that would relate his feelings for Oroquieta City, he was adamant because according to him he was "contented and satisfied to just stay behind the scene." He went on to say that "it is up to God to give what is due to anybody." With his humble response, he gave his tribute of his unconditional love for Oroquieta City.

Dr. Emerico Conol

Emerico L. Conol was born on December 27, 1928 in Barangay Bayabas, Cagayan de Oro City (the birthplace of his beloved mother). In June 1934, he attended Kindergarten at the Holy Rosary School (now Stella Maris College). His first 2 years of life were not very exciting because he was a frail and "sickly" child. He became conscientious of his health problems which opted him to stay away from his classmates and became a loner. In spite of that, his brother and next door neighbors remained his allies and became his playmates. Some time in June 1938, the young Emerico was transferred to Oroquieta Central Elementary School with the advice from a "Mananambal" or Medicine Man. Based on a superstitious premise, the Mananambal advised the Conol family that it was not good for the young Conol to enter the Church and be in crowded places.

The young Emerico was a Fourth Grade student when World War II broke out (December 1941). His school was haulted by the war. When the schools reopened in January 1945, young Emerico enrolled as a Fifth Grade student. Then when the regular school semester began, Emerico enrolled in Sixth Grade. By this time, this frail and "sickly" youth showed unusual intelligence. He was among the students who accelerated to First Year High School by August 1945. Describing his graduation ceremony as a "simple" one, Emerico delivered his short Salutatorian address which was prepared by his beloved father.

High school years brought many challenges into Emerico's life. Enrolled at the Misamis Occidental High School (now Misamis Occidental National High School - MONHS), Emerico continued to exhibit his intelligence. By his Senior year, Emerico was a Third Honor Student. Although receiving the laurels upon graduating from high school, Emerico was soon challenged again by his health condition. On advice of his physician, Emerico decided to rest during the school year of 1949 through 1950.

By August 1950, Emerico's health condition had improved which enabled him to attend college at Ateneo de Cagayan in Cagayan de Oro City. By this time, he was studying to become a doctor. His college years remained challenging because Emerico continued his battle to stay healthy. Hard work, determination and and most of all, Faith in God are what gave Emerico the strong foundation to move on with life. By April 1952, Emerico graduated from Pre-Med as a Cum Laude.

June 1952 came and Mr. Emerico L. Conol enrolled in the College of Medicine at the University of the Philippines in Manila. As Mr. Conol's health improved, he continued to excell and face the challenging life as a medical student. Described as among the "mediocre medical students," Mr. Conol graduated from the College of Medicine in April 1958. After receiving his Doctor of Medicine degree, Mr. Conol took the Medical Board Exam in the following month (May) and passed it. Immediately after that, Dr. Emerico L. Conol performed his Medical Internship at the UP-Philippine General Hospital Medical Center in Manila.

During the school year 1957-1958, many Medical Interns were busy preparing for their quest for immigration to the Western World. Approximately fifty (50) of Dr. Conol's classmates from UP-PGH Medical Center were busy preparing for their immigration documents for the United States of America. To his classmates amazement, Dr. Conol was asked as to why he was not doing the same thing that they were doing. Some of them asked him, "how about you Conol, are going to America?" Without out hesitation, his direct answer was, "No! I am going home to serve my people."

From that point in time, Dr. Conol served as a Resident Physician at the Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital - right here in Oroquieta City. Although he resigned on July 1, 1975 from that capacity and went into Private Practice, he continued to serve the Oroquietanians as a Consultant. Crisscrossing through the historical events that took place in Dr. Conol's life, only one thing can sum up to his humanity -- his goodness and loyalty towards God and His people on this earth.

As a civil servant, Dr. Conol has served the Oroquieta City Government with spirited strength and determination to make a positive difference. Today, he continues with the utmost dedication and gives his unconditional love to serve as the Loyal Son of Oroquieta City.

Ging Mutia