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Tribute To Oroquieta City

Home of the Golden Hearts

There is no place like home and that home is OROQUIETA CITY. Home of peace loving people from its first inhabitants, the native Suban-on in 1800s, who were kind and helpful people, down to the present modern day Oroquietanians. There maybe some misguided brother Oroquietanians but their numbers are far outweighed by great numbers of Oroquietanians with a Golden Heart.

The invigorating sea breeze gives the Oroquietanians a sense of well-being. The sea at times maybe turbulent but at other longer times it is calm that it looks like a sea of glass without the slightest ripple especially in the very early morning hours when the rays of the rising sun are reflected around the eastern horizon. This would remind us that in our lifetime there are times of turbulence and times of calmness, and in the calmness we are left with feelings of tranquillity.

The coolness of the night fanned by the gentle wind from the majestic Malindang Mountain gives Oroquietanians the sense of peace. In early evening hours in rural barangays, neighbors gather together outdoors talking with anything that came into their minds and singing with or without accompaniment of guitar. There is occasional laughing to hearts content.

Several years ago the atmosphere or environment became too warm for comfort and many Oroquietanians felt uneasy, but with the advent of the massive tree planting under the BSSP project of the city administration the former invigorating environment has gradually returned. We can now breath fresh unpolluted air. There is no noise except perhaps for those who are not accustomed to the Dawn Rosary prayers by people who go around the city at dawn reciting the rosary loudly.

Oroquieta beacons her sons and daughters to lend their helping hands to continue rebuilding its Nature of greenery and preserve and develop its environment. The first natives had done their part in maintaining the wilderness of beautiful Nature for them to feel with admiration its beauty and the sense of peace. The first settlers, our forefathers opened and paved the way for development for us their future generation to enjoy and cherish. Along the way though, wittingly or unwittingly some of our brother Oroquietanians had destroyed some of Nature’s beauty in the name of progress and development. The present generation is doing its part to restore the beauty of Nature that gives an invigorating environment and the atmosphere of peace; and to preserve the life giving waters of the Layawan River that flows across the middle of Oroquieta, from its origin in Malindang Mountain down to the sea. Hopefully the younger generation will do their part to develop Oroquieta preserving at the same time the beauty of its Nature.

Brother-Sister Oroquietanians who have been away for sometime, come and visit our homeland to see and feel the difference. Together with friends of Oroquieta all over the world, you are all very much welcome to visit Oroquieta City - the Land of Peace and Home of the People with Golden Hearts.

By: Emerico L. Conol, M.D.