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My Salute To

Emerico Conol, M.D., (Retired), former Vice Mayor(3 Terms), Former #1 Council, and present Consultant on Health, Peace, Order and Environment.

Dr. Emerico Conol

I remember Dr. Conol when I was growing up and used to visit the hospital whenever any of my relatives was hospitalized at the Provincial Hospital. I always saw this "little guy" whom everyone talked about as nice and a good doctor. I never knew him then because I was always shy to even say hello to any of my acquaintances. However, the name Dr. Conol always stayed in my memory because of my perception of him being known as a good doctor - therefore, he must be a good man!

When I started participating in the www.Oroquieta.com Guestbook dialogue (March 2002), I became intrigued with the comments that our "kababayans" had made. It was because I felt that nostalgia and loyalty to my hometowns. I have always considered Oroquieta as my second hometown since this is the place where my mother came from. I remember as child how much I enjoyed making several trips and visits to Oroquieta and my relatives who live there. In short, a project to help Oroquieta was born out of that website dialogue.

In Godís Will, Dr. Conol surfaced as my collaborator in working to make this site a success. Since the first day of this project, Dr. Conol along with his daughter, (Helen Villaruel) have been very instrumental in providing me with the necessary things, such as pictures and articles for this website. Without his unselfish dedication to benefit Oroquieta, this site would have not been made possible.

In retrospect, that "little guy" who I used to see walking in the hallways of the Provincial Hospital in Oroquieta is a "big-hearted" and loyal son of Oroquieta, and a kind human being. His continued unselfish service to all people who need his medical expertise, and his overall service for Oroquieta is not comparable to any earthly creation. Thank you so very much, Dr. Conol. May God continue to Bless you and your family.