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Barangay Fiestas - May

The month of May brings new flowers as well as cultural events in several Barangays of Oroquieta City. Aside from Oroquieta City's main fiesta event which is celebrated in October, several villages or Barangays of Oroquieta City celebrate their fiesta at designated days of May in honor of their individual patron Saints. Because Oroquieta City is made up of mostly Christian communities, each community practices and observes their Christian faith through this type of event.

Fiesta provides enjoyment not only for all townsfolk, but also visitors from neighboring places. Foods are abundantly served at individual houses where sincere appreciation about life and hospitality are truly given. Many Barangays exhibit their culture through parades, religious processions, contest events and pageants. Some Barangays display their elegant decorations along the main streets.

Below is a list of individual Barangay fiestas that are celebrated during the month of May. If you are visiting Oroquieta City during the month of May, this is the best time to enjoy the hospitality that Oroquietanians have to offer.

Barangay Fiesta Dates

May 3
Barangay Taboc Norte
Barangay Taboc Sur
Barangay Talairon

May 5
Barangay Toliyok
Barangay Ceriaco Pastrano

May 7
Barangay Dolipos Bajo

May 10
Barangay Tuyabang Alto
Barangay Tuyabang Proper
Barangay Bolibol

May 14
Barangay Buenavista

May 15
Barangay Apil
Barangay Dulapo
Barangay Tipan
Barangay Victoria

May 17
Barangay Villaflor

May 19
Barangay Buntawan

May 21
Barangay Bunga

May 25
Barangay Dolipos Alto
Barangay Rizal Lower

May 27
Barangay Dullan Norte

May 28
Barangay Rizal Upper


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