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All Souls Day (Kalag-Kalag)

November 2 - Yearly

The complex cultural background of the Filipinos is an interesting matter to explore and understand. Unless you appreciate other cultures, you will never understand the value of the Filipino Culture. One of the many cultural beliefs that Filipinos continue to practice today is all Souls Day or KalagKalag. This event is primarily observed on November 2nd of each year. This is day that Filipino families honor and remember their dead.

The first part of the day is usually spent attending a church mass, and followed by family visit to the graveyard of their dead members. While there, families clean and plant fresh flowers and shrubs at the grave site. Another set of prayer activities and candle lighting are being held, and in some instances and other parts of the Philippines, families bring foods to feast at the grave sites. Strange as it sounds, but honoring and remembering the dead is what brings the Filipinos closer together. This is because as we enjoy the living through the love and respect that we give to each other as families, in dying, the continuity of such family and cultural relationship is given through the All Souls Day observance.

The Conol Family - Honoring Kalag-Kalag The Conol Family - Honoring Kalag-Kalag The Conol Family - Honoring Kalag-Kalag

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