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Lakambini Ng Oroquieta

(Beauty Pageant)

Lakambini Ng Oroquieta Winner - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003

As a tradition, the celebration of the Oroquieta City Fiesta is not complete without the many programs which are the sources of joy among Oroquietanians and visitors (Mamistahays). The beauty pageant called "Lakambini Ng Oroquieta" (Miss Oroquieta City) is a very interesting program. This is because the people look forward to finding out who among the beauty contestants (who seek to fit and capture the title for the most beautiful woman in Oroquieta City) will be crowned as the winner during the coronation night on the eve (bisperas) of the Fiesta.

1st Runner-up - Lakambini Ng Oroquieta 2003

The Lakambini Ng Oroquieta pageant is not much different from other beauty pageants in which beauty and talent are the most important criteria setforth in judging the winner. Each contestant is sponsored by a group of organizational entities representing their social causes. Like many other beauty pageants, the winner will carry the title. Aside from the winner, there are four finalists of which each carries a title of a meaningful tribute to which the beauty represents.

The winner of the 2003 Lakambini Ng Oroquieta was Miss Tracey Nikki Mutia de la Cerna who was sponsored by Misamis Occidental National High School (MONHS).

The following are the finalists of the Lakambini Ng Oroquieta 2003 with special mention of their sponsors. The 1st Runner-up title went to Ms. Mary Anne P. Bugas who was sponsored by Misamis University. Ms. Cherry M. Coningco was the 2nd runner-up and she was sponsored by Sanguniang Kabataan Federated. The 3rd runner up title went to Ms. Maria Rowena G. Nantes who was sponsored by OCD II. Then the 4th runner-up was Ms. Sigrid Ivy C. Aranas and her official sponsor was the Oroquieta City Federation of Small Business Club.

2nd Runner-up - Lakambini Ng Oroquieta 2003 3rd Runner-up - Lakambini Ng Oroquieta 2003 4th Runner-up - Lakambini Ng Oroquieta 2003

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