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The Fiesta

The Holy Rosary Fiesta yearly celebration starts on the 7th day of October, that is celebrated as the Feast of the Holy Rosary. It runs through the 16th of October signifying the 9th day of the novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Street Dance - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003

A long time ago, the town fiesta was first celebrated on the first Sunday of October. It was later moved to October 16th upon popular request by the people who wanted to use their newly harvested rice for the celebration as a token of offering to God (through the Patron Saint) for the good harvest. The month of October is the harvest month for Filipino farmers. With the abundance of harvest from the rice planted in the irrigated rice fields, Oroquietanians show an expression of gratitude towards the "Heavens" through this celebration of virtue and beauty.

Cheer Contest Winner - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003

The 16th of October is considered the "fiesta day" where people serve foods in an open house setting for the people to enjoy. Aside from the religious activities, the celebration includes an Agro-industrial Fair, Inug-og (the Suban-onís version of the Sinulog), Parade Pageants, Beauty Pageants (Lakambini ng Oroquieta), Cheering Contest, Cultural Dance Expo, Sports, and many others. Of course, the fiesta celebration is incomplete without the Carnival Fair (Peria), which is held in the Plaza.

Street Dance Parade - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003

The Peria usually starts one week before the fiesta celebration and runs through the 16th of October. The Peria in Oroquieta City is not much different from any other Carnival Fair in many other places in the world. The Peria is enclosed with the entrance gate (located in Rizal Street) housing the booths for tickets sale. With the exception of the Roller Coaster rides, amusement games and other rides such as the merry-go-round (Tiobibo), ferris wheel, circus, and some goods or items for sales are commonly found in the Peria. The overall weeklong celebration draws crowds of lively people (Mamistahays) from within the city, neighboring towns and even people from other countries. Usual Mamistahays who arrive days before the fiesta day are close relatives of the local Oroquietanians whose anticipation for joy never ceases.

Dance Parade - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003 Dance Parade - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003 Street Dance - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003 Street Dance - Oroquieta Fiesta 2003

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