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Business Services

Growth in the functional world of marketing is evident when consumers are exploring the frontier of buying. In Oroquieta City the business success have a long way to go. Contrary to the traditional purchasing mentality, people are now beginning to crumble to go with the demands of influence from countries, such as the United States and Japan.

Philippine National Bank (PNB) - Oroquieta City

More and more people in our hometowns would not appreciate a "homegrown" product because they prefer a label "Made in the USA or Japan." Little do they know that this captivating mentality is what hurt our country the most. The resulting body of knowledge on the importance of patronizing our own product is what we need to help Oroquieta City. The demands of export products by other countries will give Oroquieta City the benefit to grow as well. There are many industries that are generated from Oroquieta City, which can be promoted through the "word of mouth" system.

Rural Bank of the Philippines - Oroquieta City

Although the governing regulations of the "import-export business" can be a "red-tape" dilemma, we should break that barrier and not give up. For this reason, I urge everyone to promote Oroquieta City’s businesses. The use of the banks in the funneling of your monetary support to your family will help boost the local economy. The communication services that are provided in Oroquieta are another advance technological system that connects Asia to America and the rest of the world. Below are Oroquieta City’s businesses that are geared up for the world’s challenge in economic progress.


Cooperative Rural Bank
Ozamiz Street
Poblacion 1, Oroquieta City
Manager: Mrs. Nemesia L. Suan
Tel. No. (088) 531-1256

Equitable Bank of Oroquieta
A. Enerio Street, Oroquieta City
Manager: Ms. Alma F. Calumba
Tel. No. (088) 531-1121 or 1122/1532

Land Bank of the Philippines
A. Enerio Street, Oroquieta City
Manager: Ms. Zelda A. Daral
Tel. No. (088) 531-1095 or 1292

Philippine National Bank
Ozamiz Street
Lower Lamac, Oroquieta City
Manager: Mr. Eduardo M. Catapang
Tel. No. (088) 531-1051 or 1053/1526/2055

Rural Bank of Oroquieta
Corner, Villarin & Barrentos Streets
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Vice President & Manager: Mr. Thaddeus B. German
Tel. No. (088) 531-1261

United Coconut Planters Bank
A. Enerio Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (088) 531-1123 or 1124/1444

Communication Services

Telephone Service
Poblacion, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (not available)

GLOBE Cellphones
Poblacion, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (not available)

Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT)
Poblacion, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (088) 531-1800

Philippine Telephone & Telegraph
(includes Fax services)
Poblacion, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (not available)

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