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Gasoline Filling Stations

Many cities in the Philippines operate gasoline businesses as incorporated medium-size companies. Some of the country's gasoline stations also operate as small business enterprises in partnership or proprietorship entities. However, their existing profitability depends on the size and nature of their business components. For example, unlike in the United States where gasoline stations now include fast food restaurants within the facility, most gasoline stations in the Philippines don't carry merchandise other than gasoline. With few exceptions, some gasoline stations may carry cigarette vending as part of their existing business.

Petron Gasoline Filling Station - Oroquieta City

The Philippine transportation is booming... being a part of the country's infrastructure development. There are now many vehicles that run around the streets and highways in most major cities and regions in the Philippines. Although a sign of economic growth, the threat for environmental pollution is eminent if the Philippine National Government does not include "protective air campaign" as part of its strategic planning. Unlike the United States strict mandate for "clean air campaign" by the Environmental Protection Agency, the Philippine environment is at risk of major future air pollution due to the increase of automotive machineries that are now widely used in the country. For example, there should be a mandated rule for vehicle emission control system before people are allowed to operate their vehicles.

Caltex Gasolin Filling Station - Oroquieta City

In Oroquieta City, the clean air that surrounds the city environment remains intact, clean and crisp. However, the city is also vulnerable to such air pollution problem if pollution control program is not implemented to equate the rise of automotive machineries. Today, there are several gasoline-powered vehicles that use "Regular" gasoline which are potentially hazardous to humans. Many Filipinos still drive old model vehicles that runs on regular gasoline. There are only few people who drive "late-model" vehicles that use unleaded gasoline.

To this date, the Philippine National Government is strill scrambling for a systematic approach to create a similar environmental protection agency that implement air campaign through environmental regulatory mandates. As concerned citizens, it is up to us to lobby the National Government to prioritize this issue before our people begin suffering from the adverse effect of air pollution.

Ging Mutia


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