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Oroquieta City Banks

The banks in Oroquieta City aim in building a highly profitable financial services in the community and the whole province of Misamis Occidental. Its high quality customer service and financial prudence strengthens the integrity and business capabality to be among the competitive industries in the nation. Like many other cities of the Philippines, the bank industry in Oroquieta City provides strong leadership in the community through its support services. Support services, such as sponsorships, loans, fund transfer and payments are conducted daily in a less complicated way.

United Coconut Planters Bank

Each bank thrives to make its customers' financial assets work for more future revenues. Savings account is the principal account that most people use. Checking account on the other hand is preferrably used on mostly commercial business transactions. Depending on your preferred needs or services, either account provides advantage and disadvantage. Talking to the bank customer service representatives would be the first step in getting the best advice and information in deciding which service would best fit your needs. Each bank also offers certain special features, such as custom packages, account consolidation or investments.

Land Bank

The banks in Oroquieta City provide diversed banking and financial services through several segments, such as commercial, consumer, business investment, asset management including brokerage, trust, and more. They also aim to create a strategic partnership in key businesses to enhance their franchise values. Like other banks, certain accounts earn interests that are compounded either daily, monthly or yearly. Additional services, such as money remittance and transfer are being offered by these banks. For example, foreign money exchange, and money remittance services through Western Union in the United States are transacted at these banks.

Equitable PCI Bank

Although deficient in newer technologies, these banks are working harder in keeping up with the advancing technological culture. They emphasize integrity as a cornerstone for a good business practice. For example, they ensure that every transaction is conducted in accordance with the regulatory standards and mandates of the Phillipine Government, World Bank and International Banking Entities. Their manpower components are directly involved in maximizing quality results by ensuring capital adequacy, returns on assets as well as liquidity of assets.

Ging Mutia


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