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Postal Service

Philippine Postal Corporation - Oroquieta's Post Office

The delivery of mail to the Filipino households is handled by the Philippine Postal Corporation. Compared to the last two decades where remote homes did not have official house numbers or street addresses, many Filipino households of today now have identifiable numbers where they can be easily located.

Zip codes are now being used in Towns where each Barangay is being carried under the same coding system. New addresses are added each year as new established household is registered under a Barangay and Town or City. In larger geographic areas of the Philippines, more mail are being delivered to each household as they arrive. However, because of economic constraints and inadequate infrastructure, the workload does not equate the manpower capability, therefore, some mail are delayed. For example, an overseas mail from the United States would take approximately 14 days to reach to its Philippine destination. To correct the problem, the Philippine National Government is making every effort to improve the postal system and provide high quality service to all Filipino customers.

Ging Mutia


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