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Radio Station

Oroquieta City now has an FM Radio Station (DXOM) ---- 91.3 FM on the dial. This radio network is owned and operated by MIT KTVN, Incorporated and serves as the public's station for progressive information and entertainment. It also provides a voice for those who do not have access to the broadcast media. It would also probably be helpful to contact the station directly and find out what kind of music they play. If their selections are limited, and if you have cassettes or CDs that you can donate....they will probably gladly welcome them.

FM Radio Station - MIT KTVN Incorporated

This station also allows anyone to send requests through the messaging system. If you have cell phones, you can send a text message for your requested songs to be played on the air and dedicated to your loved ones back home. Requested songs and dedication messages are played around 6:00 - 8:00 a.m. (Oroquieta time). I have tried it and sent my text message around 5:00 p.m. (Texas time) and according to my sister Karen, they heard my dedication message and requested song for them around 6:30 AM (Oroquieta time). It's kinda neat! Please feel free to send the text message to +63 (918) 535-0475 (the radio station's cell phone number). The DJ is Boy Quiros, the loving husband of Ann Marie Acosta-Quiros.

Ging Mutia


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