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Grassroot Efforts - Dubious Motives Lurking Behind the Holy Rosary Acacia Trees?

The history of the Holy Rosary Acacia trees goes back way beyond our parents pioneering days of community development. What is the importance of these Acacia trees to Oroquieta? The Acacia trees have served the Oroquieta community through its purifying environmental shields and thus, a prime protective of human health and the environment. In return the Oroquietanians embraced the grounds that served the trees as "Holy" in acknowledgement of God's affiliations in the affairs of humans. What is significance about these holy grounds is that it not only served the spiritual needs and essence of the parishioners, but also generated cultural sentiments among the people.

Not long ago, the Oroquietanian parishioners received a troubling information about the Diocese's plan to convert the Holy Rosary grounds into a commercial leasehold properties. The Diocese claimed that there is a dire need for financial support to fund the health care of their priests' chronic ailments, including dialysis. With honest and compassionate intentions, the parishioners rallied for community support not only to save the Holy Rosary grounds, but to help absorb the cost of the priests healthcare needs. And so, a grassroot effort came to pass with scripted petitions in protest of the leasehold plan. A universal response from Oroquietanians worldwide poured doling out financial and moral support urging the leaders of the grassroot movement to establish a straightforward dialogue via in writing and face-to-face encounter. A meeting between the Diocese representative and the grassroot leaders was convened. A follow up meeting was initiated by the grassroot leaders with intent to solicit a written response just so the petitioners would have a transparent knowledge of the Diocese true intentions.

However, the responses from the Diocese have been very disappointing to many of us. With that a far intriguing scenario ensued when some of the parishioners observed a potential leaseholder was surveying the Holy Rosary Grounds. When confronted of these findings, the Diocese response created an alarming skepticism that the Diocese may be misleading the parishioners from their quest for honest answers.

What is sad about this whole thing is that the parishioners have given their willingness to assist the Diocese in funding the cost of the needed health care. Several action plans have been formulated in order to prepare for this engagement of support. However, the Diocese is stigmatizing the parishioners efforts by stalling their need for written response to assure them that the Holy Grounds are protected from the commercial leasehold plan. With arrogance, the Diocese stated that there is a need for them to study the plan further. What is there to study when in fact the parishioners have reassured the Diocese that promise of financial help.

As I continued to hone my investigative skills in human relations and community projects, I began to realize that we need to reasses our infenite conjencture of the trusted ecclesiastics. It is understandble how we hold one to the traditions of our Faith and culture, but we must also recognize how evil desires can lurk at any angles of our human nature. Would there be a lurking desire to solicit for the highest bidder by going on a back story telling? Has "greed" played an influencing factor through this whole charade? There is no need to insenuate, but to investigate and uncover the potentiality of corruption behind eccclesiastic doors. Awakening a sleeping Giant to save the innocent is a worthwhile effort save a faithful Christian nation. Given the fact that the culture of corruption has infected the Filipino people, the desire for and love of money can destroy the characteristics of a remarkable child of God.

Where do we go from here? As crazy and farfetched as may sound, the best ideal transparent solution is to petition the court for the Diocese written response. While that being done, an action plan to do a title search would be truly beneficial in order to examine the marketability of such title. With this search, it is essential to discover "clauses" that may protect the property from any sale or leasehold for commercial purposes.

Ging Mutia

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Sunday, April 28, 2013