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Poverty - A battered disease -
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Many countries in the world define poverty in many different ways. In the United States, the definition of poverty is based on what the yearly census report shows as far as the demographic components of each State. Some of the Third World Countries define poverty as a result of the total destruction of war that engulfed their livelihood. In the Philippines, poverty is defined in many different ways. Whichever way we define it, poverty strikes approximately 6 out of every 10 Filipino households. Bridging the gap between the rich and poor is never an easy matter to discuss. It is the society's obligation to embrace the fact that as human beings, we must create a common ground to improve the future of a nation.

Promoting an action for the relief, (either directly or indirectly) of poverty among Filipino children and families with children, as Filipinos we can work together to ensure that we can make a difference in the future of our beloved country, Philippines. Although, the Philippine National Government is unable to make a full commitment in ensuring that those low income families get full welfare entitlement benefits (similar to the people of the United States), by campaigning to benefit our poor Filipino brothers and sisters, we can seek to improve the future of a nation. The bureaucracy of a government can expel many political rhetorical promises during election campaigns, and although many promises are broken, some have also been fulfilled. Those broken promises that the Filipinos continue to endure are usually the results of the country's continued economic struggle. For this reason, it takes many years to "repair what is broken or rebuild what is destroyed."

In the meantime what are we going to do to help a "dying" life in a nation? Should we just sit around and watch and say sorry after everything is done and gone? I have always believed in "living while breathing." So long as I have the ability to move, speak and see, I treat life as the never-ending journey of challenges. Living in the United States for 26 years now hasn't really improved my financial status. Some of my relatives even said that I am still poor "pobre lang gihapon." Although I attained several rewarding careers, it didn't really sum up to increasing my wealth. In spite of that, I do feel satisfied about my life because I have contributed so much to humanity in the absence of money. Given the continued challenge as a single parent, my income doesn't go any further than solely supporting my children with my two bare hands.

The most enduring time in the life of poverty is when we are challenged when an illness or disease strike our home, especially our beloved young children. I remember when my daughter was five years old; a rare disease called "Kawasaki’s Disease" struck her. It was the most trying time of my life because my daughter was fighting for her life. With the very limited resources available as a single mother, I turned my plea to everyone and every organizational entity so that my child would live. The surmounting cost of her hospitalization was beyond my imagination. The bureaucratic "red-tape" in any governmental entities excluded me from qualifying for relief. Despite the depressing disappointment I didn't lose hope and with that, God guided me to find help from a Catholic Charity organization. With that help, I was able to rebuild my life to continue to raise my children in God's way because I believe that my children will be amongst the important components of a great future of a nation.

This page is written with the intent to seek everyone's heart for kindness. As we are all aware there are many Filipinos who need our help. Although we cannot conceivably make every relative effort to donate everything we have, however, we can simply do something to generate our kindness through simply promoting the philosophy of "charity begins at home." On behalf of our Filipino brothers and sisters who have reached their final point of "full despair," I would like to voice my plea to help them. We can directly or indirectly help them however possible in our own little ways, but to not help would simply make life the worst possible stance for our future generation. To simplify the mission of this is site is nothing, but to improve humanity. The opportunity for many needy Filipino children to have new and healthy lives depends not only on the government's responsibility to build a strong nation, but also on the generosity that comes from us.... Filipino parents, brothers and sisters.

Below are photos/information of our fellow Oroquietanians who are praying for your help in an effort that your kind-hearted donations will restore a shattered family's quest to live a normal life.

Palma Family's Plea for HELP

Palma Palma Palma

Palma Palma Palma

Eugene Labadan' Grandbaby - Plea for Help

Baby Euanne Dones

Eugene lost his grandbaby and left with surmounting cost of hospitalization. Your donation would tremendously lift the burden that this family has to endure.

By: Ofelia Bayutas Mutia


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