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This section is a Community Forum where we can gather Oroquietanians, Misamisnons and Filipinos alike from all over the world. The purpose is twofold: 1) bringing out good ideas, and intentions to help our brothers and sisters back home; 2) gathering our thoughts, to plan and implement a good working force where we can accomplish something to benefit the less fortunate. This is not a mere "sweet talking" business, but a wholehearted and steadfast effort; a simple noble task, but our "humanitarian duty".

Below is a link to social media, such as Facebook which allows you to make comments on certain articles written so that you can share your ideas, comments or suggestions.

We will consider matters that are very informative that will have realistic tone of what Oroquieta City is all about. We strongly encourage (as much as possible) information that are factual and objective. Please help us make this website a success for the betterment of Oroquieta City and the people of our province, Misamis Occidental.


Note: Advertisement line of order is "First-come First-serve" basis.

This website is privately owned and operated for public service and is not for profit. However, we do welcome advertisements and monetary donations to help fund the implementation of our initiatives aimed at helping the people of Oroquieta and its neighbors. These initiatives include, but not limited to Saving the Holy Rosary Sacred Grounds, Scholarship Foundation and more. A small portion will go towards the sustainment of the website's operational costs. The time and energy provided by the Webmaster is totally free.

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