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The B-Front Songs

With their first record release, The B-Front acknowledged the past administration of former Mayor Ernie F. Bandala and Vice Mayor Nicolas N. Laspinas for their support. Also acknowledged for their cooperative support to make this effort a success were former Mayor Bandala's council members: Boy Lim, Lemuel Acosta, Ricric Lumantas, Romy Dullin, Boy Tan, Dadoy Mutia, Nonol Fortich, Nilo Azcuna, Maning Bularon, Lel Blanco, Maeng Bolando and Nanieth Bandala.

Engineer Filton B. Lumasag was recognized as the arranger for the "Minus One Song," while Drig V. Edmilao was the arranger for "Kanimo Kami Gamahal." The B-Front recorded their songs at the Mutya Recording Studio, Inc., Gochan Street, Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines.

The B-Front Songs - A Tribute to Oroquieta City

Ikaw, Ako, Kita, sa Oroquieta
Words: R.M. Lumantas;
Music: R.M. Lumantas/R.V.Quimno

Sa imong pag du-aw
Isla sa Mindanao, Higala
Ayaw'g sipyata sa pag bisita
Among syudad, responsibilidad
Dakbayan sa Oroquieta, Bulahan ta
Malipayon ta, mahalon siya
Ako ug ikaw, Oroquieta

Sayun tultulan, dali pangita-on
Probinsya'ng Misamisnon
Amihanan Lopez Jaena
Subangan dagat Iligan
Kasadpan bukid Malindang
Habagatan Aloran

Oh, Oh, Oroquieta
Kanimo gamahal ug ga amuma
Kalimpyo, kahusay ug kahamugaway
Kina-iyahan, among guika-akuhan
Kay atung syudad, atung responsibilidad

Dakbayan sa Oroquieta
Bulahan ka, malipayon ta
Mahalon siya, mahalon natu ang Oroquieta
(Ad lib)

Dakbayan sa Oroquieta
Bulahan ka, Malipayon ta
Mahalon siya, Mahalon, Mahalon nato
Ang Oroquieta

Ernie's Dream (come true...)
Words: R.M. Lumantas;
Music: R.M. Lumantas/R.V.Quimno

You only have one life to live
Whatever good you do
Then do it now
For you may never pass this way again

We work hard to make this city
Clean and green
A place to live
People have houses to stay
Clothes to wear
And foods to eat

Cause you started it all
It's our turn to go on
To make this place brighter for tomorrow
That people God and Country
Be the glory


Abante, Atraka, Oroquieta
Kitang-kita ka na
Sa mapa saka pa saka
Oroquieta, Mabuhay ka
(Ad lib)

For in this world
We only live but once
Whatever good we do
Let's do it now
For we shall never pass this way again
(Repeat Chorus)


River Layawan
Words & Music:: R.M. Lumantas

I have always minded you
Oh River Layawan
You have been the stream of my youth
Where for many, so many years
I took a dip and dive
To your crystal green waters

We are so proud of you
You have retained your beauty
The stillness of your springlike-waters
Caught our eyes
Your beauty and fancy
Layawan River


Dear People let us shelter our river
Let us all join our hands together
Our priceless Layawan River
Keep it always clean and clear
For our children's children
To live and see the beauty
Forever Layawan River

(Ad lib)
Repeat The Stillness...)

The river so we loved
And cared for
Layawan River....

B-Front Song
Words: R. Flores
Music: R. Flores/R. Quimno

Long ago when time was so young
The B-Front came to life
Sitting in the park singing songs
Do what all they liked
All they did was just for fun
Going places while they can
But things have all, all been gone
The memories print in the sun
Yes, they're gone


B-Front crazy ideas
Living free like the birds in the sky
B-Front groovy ideas
Wearing clothes their way

But now that they've learned a lot
Time has changed so fast
In their lives it meant so much
And made them realized
What life is really all about (Bending)
To be a real man
And be a leader of tomorrow
For it has just begun
Yes, we can...
(Ad lib)
(Repeat Chorus)


Ging Mutia


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