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Entertainment is a direct route to relaxation. Regardless of what type of stress in life you have, it is important to take charge of your well-being. The hollistic approach to absolute health may not be possible for every person on earth. However, taking "baby-steps" to allow yourself to be happy spiritually, mentally, and emotionally means taking charge of your well-being. Such well-being produces absolute physical health.

Laughter is generated from entertainment. Entertainment comes from different sources, such as art, humor, music and others. Laughter soothes your emotions, which broadens your outlook in life, thus makes unbearable life easier to manage.

The Seawall at the Plaza

Life in Oroquieta City is very mellow compared to a big city life, yet some people still feel the tremendous daily pressures causing them to experience stress. However, Oroquieta City has its own way to make life easier for most people. Oroquieta City has several simple things offered to its community for enjoyment. For the most part, Oroquietanians spend their time with families, listening to music, going out on picnics at the river or the beach, taking an easy stroll by the Seawall at the Plaza (especially during moonlights), telling different kinds of stories (either fact or fiction) or jokes, and reading magazine regardless of its outdated materials. Another form of Oroquieta City's entertainment was the Singing Amateur Hour which was held at the Plaza Circle.

Although "old" and outdated, movies are still in high demand. Housed in an almost antiquated building, the Oro Theatre still shows its regular matinee and nightly scheduled movies. I can still vividly remember (as an innocent child) this theatre where I first saw a movie and felt so scared watching the "shootout" scenes that I constantly ducked behind the pews fearing that I might get hit by bullets. Huh!..... little did I know that it was just pure "Entertainment."

Nowadays, Oroquieta City offers a lot of entertainment activities. Among them is the infamous local singing group called The B-Front. This group wrote and produced songs, which are now marketed for business. Some of their song lyrics depict the life in Oroquieta City.

Ging Mutia


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