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Hot & Spicy

Halang-Halang is a multi-unit concessions-style food establishment located at the Public Plaza's north side that borders the Ceriaco Pastrano Road. Housed in a building donated by the Cagayan de Oro City's Region 10 Tourism Council, Halang-Halang is owned and operated by several vendors. Their service is geared to sell foods to mostly Plaza "promenaders," travelers, students from the nearby schools and local city folks.

Halang-Halang Food Court at the Plaza

Halang-Halang comes from the word "spicy hot," but not all of the foods served there are spicy hot. The Halang-Halang menus range from Oroquieta-style pork or chicken barbecue, soft drinks, ice cream, sandwiches, coconut leaves-wrapped steamed rice called "Puso," and many others. Their famous delicacy is the pepper-hot soup that enhances your appetite for solid accompaniments of Puso and the delicious Oroquieta-style chicken barbecue. Unlike other hot and spicy menus that use jalapeno pepper as the primary ingredient, Halang-Halang uses their own "Bisaya Pepper", a signature class of hot pepper found in and around Oroquieta City. There is no hard drinks sold or allowed within the vicinity, and their popularity is mainly generated from their great-tasting foods at very affordable prices. For example, a ten-peso bill would give you an equivalent of a full-course meal that gives your stomach fullness and satisfaction.

Because of their well-known service and great-tasting foods, their patronage are of increasing demands. Travelers between the cities of Dipolog and Ozamiz who pass through Oroquieta City bus-stop stations, they make it a point to stop and eat their meals at Halang-Halang. With limited school allowance, the students from nearby schools have very much enjoyed the Halang-Halang's affordable prices, while the local city folks find it very convenient as a source of "take-out orders" for quick meals. Promenaders including foreign visitors who have experienced Halang-Halang firsthand, have also found it to be enjoyable to visit and a good place to buy great-tasting foods at very affordable prices.

Ging Mutia


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