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Restaurants & Fast Foods

The food and dining establishments in Oroquieta City today generate their food production in a "cooking in the kitchen" environment. Majority of them provide catering service which involves a lot of planning, ingredient control and most of all energy consumption. In spite of the costs involved in maintaining their operation, they continue to aim their goals in providing the customer with the best quality of service as well as highest quality and best tasting foods at affordable prices.

Karen's Food Haus

I myself have visited and enjoyed the foods of some of these restaurants (including Karen's), and I was very amazed and pleased to receive the best quality of service from the staff. Their delicious foods can lure your palate to have a voracious appetite. The aroma of "Chicken Adobo" and Siopao permeates the surroundings. The delicious cool taste of the frosty fruit-flavored Halo-halo soothes your needs to shelter from the hot weather. The proprietors' ways with food and attention to details of service and delicious tastes wave attractions. I believe that production planning and best quality service to customers are primarily the effective ingredients of their success.

Chopstick Chinese Restaurant - Oroquieta City

Other food establishments in Oroquieta City are influenced by our Chinese ancestors. Commonly seen in and around the neighboring towns of Oroquieta City are the Chinese restaurants. Each of them features their signature delicacies which are multi-culturally trademarked. Many restaurants features Canton or Shanghai Chinese cooking from the cultural influences of Canton and Shanghai China, respectively. The meticulously layered soft noodles and crispy green vegetables enhances the deliciously reputable Chinese recipes.

Rhovic's Restaurant - By the Sea

With the choices of several restaurants in the area, many people have particularly enjoyed the Rhovic's restaurant. At Rhovic's, you will also enjoy this "spotlight" section where the eating venue is illuminated by the shining blue waters. Like Rhovic's many other restaurants in the city allow you to order from the menus of your hand-picked favorites that are distinct to your palate. For example, the chicken barbecue, siopao, and the delicious and perfect fruity frosty dessert, Halo-halo make Rhovic's and many others among the acclaimed food sites in Oroquieta City.

Rhovic's Restaurant - By the Sea

The pleasure of a "five-star" fine gourmet dining may not be found in Oroquieta City, but the Oriental-Filipino cooking is sensational enough to satisfy your quest for special dining. Aside from the food, the quality of service that you receive from the management and staff are golden privilege to enjoy the hospitality that is being provided. Their organized and task-oriented staff are working harder each day to ensure that their customers are treated with the utmost respect and diligence.

Independence Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mrs. Emma L. Lim
Tel. No. (088) 531-1125

Enerio Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mr. Danny de la Cerna
Tel. No. (088) 531-1912

Corner Enerio & Ozamis Streets
Layawan District, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mr. Julius Tac-an
Tel. No. (088) 531-1162

Independence Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mr. Orlando Tiu, Jr.
Tel. No. (088) 531-2026

Barrientos Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Ms. Pearl Joy C. Roferos
Tel. No. (088) 531-1138

Magsaysay Street
Poblacion 1, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mr. Rudy Ala
Tel. No. (088) 531-1916

Enerio Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mrs. Rufina C. Taladua
Tel. No. (088) 531-2012

Independence Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Contact Person: Mr. Eduardo N. Matildo
Tel. No. (088) 531-1131

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