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With hard work and determination to improve Oroquieta's economy, the administration of Mayor Nancy S. Bandala is presenting a summary data for 2002 budget. The Bandala administration continues to work with the National Government not only in pushing for more infrastructures, but also promoting its industry. Well developed infrastructure and industrial revolution provide a feasible livehood for Filipinos by maintaining self-sufficiency as well as facilitating future business investments in the City.

Below is a summary of few data of the 2002 Oroquieta City Annual Budget. The total estimated income for 2002 is P175,208,488.00 (Pesos) which will be available as Total Appropriated General Fund. A portion of this fund will be appropriated to the City Agriculture Office as follows:

Oroquieta City Annual Budget - Agricultural Funds

City Wide Agroforest Development

City Nursery Management Program

Fishery Development Project

Maintenance of Tissue Culture

Livestock & Poultry Services

PHILHEALTH of Indigent Program

P3,260,000.00 (Pesos)

P1,900,000.00 (Pesos)

P450,000.00 (Pesos)

P135,000.00 (Pesos)

P44,600.00 (Pesos)

P600,000.00 (Pesos)

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