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Law Enforcement

Described as a "fractured nation", the Philippines stood tall despite the many challenges brought from years of conflict and insurgency. Although worn down following the aftermath of World War II, the Philippines is continuing its pursuit of unity, stability and peace. With the long road ahead, the Filipinos have come together to work hard for a common cause - progress and peace.

The inherint need to combat the country's internal strife is one of the top priorities of the National Government's law enforcement initiatives. In order to maintain peace and stability, law enforcement is mandated through the Local Government Unit. For that matter, on July 11, 2002, the Honorable Mayor Nancy S. Bandala has signed the bill entitled "Administrative Order No. 975-02" which appoints traffic deputies in Oroquieta City.

This bill creates an agency to supplement the local police force division in the enforcement, supervision and control of all traffic laws, rules and regulations of the city. Traffic Deputies are appointed through the Oroquieta City Traffic Management Bureau (OCTMB) as per Section 5 of Ordinance No. 37-99.

Newly Appointed Traffic Deputies of Oroquieta City

Marcelino A. Palesr, Jr.

Tomas De la Cruz

Yule P. Tripoli

Epimaco F. Babanto

Ringgo Pinazo

Benjamen R. Paler

Ricardo Gabule

Rogelio J. Siete

Rosito Borja, Jr.

Ramon R. Ganados, Jr.

Claudio T. Salce

Ramil Regale

Nestor M. Dajao, Sr.

Bonifacio S. Omisol, Jr.

Teodoro U. Edubala

Eutiquio L. Taylaran

Antonio A. Soria

Abelardo Malihum

Ging Mutia


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