From the Mayor's Desk
19 April 2003

City Mayor
Madame Nancy Soriano Bandala
City Mayor

God is Good all the time because Oroquieta, the Clean and Green City, is now on the net!

"E"-commerce...."e"-banking...."e"-communication....and now, "e"-governance. The world is fast becoming "e"lectronic. Most of everything is "e"asily accessed at the tip of one's fingers.

It is to my great delight that Oroquieta City is not lagging behind when it comes to the famous "e". With the birth of, our beloved city will reach miles and millions. And what is more awe-inspiring about it is the fact that this website is independently initiated by true-blooded Oroquietanians but are now living in the United States. Indeed very heartwarming because the local government is somehow assuaged of the burden.

My congratulations to the hands and minds behind this superb website. Thumbs up! Keep up the splendid work! I now strongly enjoin everyone to visit Oroquieta City virtually through the net and eventually visit Oroquieta City personally and see for yourselves, first hand, what she has become through these years.

Thank you and God Bless us all!

Daghang Salamat and Mabuhay!



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Saturday, April 19, 2003