Other City Officials - 2003

The benefit of freedom is generated from the total indenpendence of dictatorship. Since its independence, the Philippines has struggled to maintain order within the country. In spite of the insurgents of different rebellious attacks, the Philippines continued to maintain a stronghold government where peace and order are the main focus.

City Hall Annex

Like any other forms of government in the Philippines, the City Government is what keeps Oroquieta City in peace and order. Without a strong leadership and subordinate cooperation, Oroquieta City would be in chaos, and therfore, results in the loss of lives among Oroquietanians. Today, Oroquieta City is blessed with peace, order and progress. The form of government that Oroquietanians have is built by the people and for the people. The leadership of Madame Mayor Nancy S. Bandala consists of several cooperating subordinate members including the following City Officials listed below. The City Hall Annex houses the majority of the staff members of the City Government.

Mrs. Concepcion N. Maisling
Secretary to the Sangguniang Panlungsod

Mr. Edmund S. Elardo
City Administrator

Engr. Napoleon U. Neri
City Engineer

Mr. Dionesio U. Esick
City Treasurer

Mr. Catalino R. Laranjo
City Planning & Dev. Coordinator

Mrs. Consuelo U. Cagas
City Budget Officer

Mr. Ale Francisco
City Assessor

Mrs. Remedios M. Amil
City Auditor

Ms. Ma. Cleofas C. Panto
Revenue Collection Officer, BIR

Mr. Reynaldo Dante R. Roa
City General Services Officer

Mr. Kane Alfonso P. Iyog
City Accountant

Dr. Blanche B. Flores
City Health Officer I

Dr. Rogelio R. Roa
City Health Officer II

Dr. Jose I. Flores
Rural Health Physician

Dr. Guillermo I. Flores
Rural Health Physician

Mr. Edwel P. Bualat
City Agriculturist IV, OIC

Mr. Jose I. Diadula
City Supervising Agriculturist

Mrs. Nona A. Estilo
Schools Division Superintendent

Mrs. Celestina T. Lasta
City Social Welfare & Development Officer

Mrs. Rochie E. Cabillas
City Election Registrar, OIC

Hon. Albert B. Maghanoy
City Prosecutor

Hon. Teresita N. Saa
MTCC Judge Branch I

Hon. Ruben Ra. Cagas
MTCC Judge Branch II

Atty. Rico A. Tan
Clerk of Court

P/Supt. Edgardo M. Martinez
Chief of Police

Inspector Isador A. Mananggit
City Fire Marshall

Inspector Merlie B. Flores
City Jail Warden

Ms. Rosa H. Lacanglacang
Chief of Parole & Probation Officer

Atty. Democrito V. Fuentes
Register of Deeds

Mr. Roberto J. Quioco

Mr. Rolando E. Neri
LGOO IV, Dept. of Interior & Local Govt.

Atty. John K. Go
National Govt. Office Representative

Mr. Renerio J. Gachero
Dept. of Science & Technology Rep.

Mrs. Merja M. Rodriguez
Rural Improvement Center Coordinator

Mrs. Eleanor C. Digamon
Public School District Supv. District I

Mrs. Corsina G. Villamor
Public School District Supv. District II

Mrs. Estrella C. Padilla
Public School District Supv. District III

Mrs. Jesusa C. Saceda
Public School District Supv. District IV

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