The Honorable Mayor Nancy S. Bandala
City Hall
Oroquieta City, Philippines 7207

Dear Madam Mayor,

Unlike a self-described cartoonist, you have given us the clear mirror from which we have reflected and differentiated the lives between Oroquieta's past and the present. Your untiring and unselfish efforts to give our beloved City good governance were very commendable. A Woman of your character deserves to be placed on a pedestal for our future generation to see in history. The political and municipal processes that you have encountered were such a large picture that people like me, would have had difficulties carrying through the years of challenge. However, because of your strength, integrity, and dedication, you have made Oroquieta City the "Best of the Best".

We want you to know that our inclusion to the arena of caring Oroquietanians by blood made us proud, and we wish to maintain a high level of energy and commitment to work with the new Mayor and his administration. We also encourage your supporters and friends to continue to actively participate in the community's civic life. The societal activities that you have promoted for the City through the years have enhanced not only the face, but also the truest beauty of our beloved City. Many Oroquietanians who have returned to visit their homes have expressed their personal satisfaction by helping to identify how you have shaped the community through your voice and action in your community's affairs.

For young Oroquietanians, only a few may feel the pride of the many benefits that were produced through your administration. The improvements in this City are the profound effects of your strength. How beautiful it is to see the good works that you have made that contributed to the parks, streets, service infrastructure, and their superb condition today versus yesterday. How could we avoid looking at the obvious scenarios of your fruitful years? We couldn't because Oroquietanians have expressed their deepest gratitude for a Job Well Done!!!

In behalf of, we wish you Good Luck and Best Wishes to you and your family. Take Care and God Bless!!!

Very truly yours,
Ofelia Bayutas Mutia "Angging"


An Open Letter to the Incoming Mayor

We Congratulate, We Respect, Welcome !!!

The Honorable Mayor-Elect George Almonte
City Hall
Oroquieta City, Philippines 7207

Dear Mr. Mayor,

In behalf of, and Oroquietanians abroad, we Congratulate you for winning the Oroquieta City Mayoral seat. Since the inception of our website three years ago, we have connected Oroquietanians and Misamisnons through the finger touch on computer keyboards. While continuously providing our people with the updates about our homeland, we have also unselfishly promoted our culture to the world. Because of our deep and great love of Oroquieta City and its people, we support your future leadership of an honest and efficient government.

The straightforward information that we have provided through this website has been very useful to many of our people around the world. With special mention of the Arts and Culture section, we have entertainingly exposed our culture without malice. The information about our City and Provincial governments were solidly presented without interference or influence from special interest groups. While we demonstrate the civility of our individual adopted countries, such as the United States of America, we also maintain our true identity as Filipinos wherein, we tirelessly championed our rights to protect our culture without hypocrisy.

Through the years, we have encountered admires as well as critics where unbiased ideas were entertained. Safeguarding the integrity of this website was among our focal points and for that matter, hostilities and harmful negativities were filtered and eliminated. Henceforth, in all honesty, this website does not promote one party against the other. Instead, we look forward to the betterment of our beloved City by working together as brothers and sisters.

Again, we congratulate you for winning this meaningful event and very important position and wish you the Best for the future Oroquieta. Representing Oroquieta City through our blood, we also wish you goodness in your efforts to fulfill your campaign promises. Although the methods of operation of an effective democratic government do not come so easy, we are here to support you for the good of our people and our beloved Oroquieta City. May God Bless you.

Very truly yours,
Angging Mutia


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Tuesday, May 11, 2004