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From the Vice Mayor's Desk

City Vice Mayor
Honorable Lemuel Myrick M. Acosta
City Vice Mayor

Hats off to the makers of oroquietacity.com. I have visited the website myself and it is certainly fun surfing through it.

As we enter the electronic age, it is just right and proper that we keep up with the pace. The conception of oroquietacity.com is definitely a very timely vehicle for Oroquieta City, a simple and peaceful community, to gain recognition and respect that she deserves not only locally, but internationally as well.

I am very grateful to have found allies in the people behind this website. Because of oroquietacity.com, we are now easily accessed by our kababayans, by would-be-tourists and more importantly, by prospective investors.

Rest assured, we have your full and sincere support. Keep up the good work!

Atraka... abante oroquietacity.com!

ViceMayor Signature


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