Mayor's Words of Honor
19 April 2003

God is good all the time!

I am greatly amazed with the power of the net. The world is now at the tip of our fingers. Unfortunately, pieces of information are also distorted and twisted like the speed of the net. Nevertheless, I appreciate your concern. Thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt. I understand your side.

Running in the barangay election is anybody's privilege which this administration welcomes with utmost respect. Public service is a full time job. As mandated in the Local Government Code, any person working in the government must resign first if he is running for any elective position. As mayor, I have certain powers vested upon me by law but I have no control whatsoever over policies and rulings of private companies.

My position is a partisan position thus it's not surprising that detractors and critics abound. We understand their feelings because last May 2001 election, they gave up so much of what they have, not to mention the tremendous assistance from some fellow Oroqietanians there who rallied behind them. But as they say, if our plan is not God's plan for us, even if we give our all, not our plan but God's plan prevails.

God knows, I have honest and sincere intention for Oroquieta. I am fully aware that I will not be Mayor forever. What I can leave behind , at least, is a good name. The people of Oroquieta gave their trust and confidence to my husband, Ernie, as a public servant for 21 years. And now, as first woman mayor of Oroquieta, I am being tasked to continue what Ernie had started for our beloved city. My thoroughly Catholic education under the FMM Sisters and my 18-years teaching experience in a Catholic school keep me focused on a God-centered governance. As such, I would not risk tarnishing our name with dirty politics. That is why this administration is continually pushing for development not only economically, but also spiritually and morally. Often, our detractors criticize me regarding my pro-God statements as just a put-on. Personally, I don't worry what people say about me, what matters most is what God knows about me.

We are humbled though because our efforts are not left unnoticed. From the time of then Mayor Ernie Bandala to this day, our city has been receiving awards and citations. Other Local Government Units (LGUs) look up to us because of good governance and good practices. As a matter of fact, our Barangay Self-Sufficiency Program (BSSP) is highly acclaimed by the Local Government Academy. Its success story is also included in the recently published and released "Kaban Galing" - the Philippine Case Bank on Innovative and Exemplary Practices in Local Governance - which are distributed to all Local Government Units in the entire Philippines.

We know you and other overseas Oroquietanians get local news from different minds: pro-administration, anti-administration, and neutral minds. Understandably, the pros will praise the local leadership, the antis will continually criticize us whereas, the neutral minds express their own opinions based upon what they know and what they see.

I am inviting you and the rest of our fellow kababayans to visit our hometown, and see for yourselves what Oroquieta is now so you will know the real scenario.

More power and God bless:

Nancy S. Bandala
City Mayor


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