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City Government

As It Stands - Year 2003

The City Government's present administration continues to carry out ongoing projects and programs with so much strength and determination to succeed. Challenged by the need to excel, the leadership of Madame Mayor Nancy S. Bandala is strongly engaging in new projects with positive outlook to boost Oroquieta's future. With her strong leadership, the City Government shows a strong commitment to continue to work hard in promoting Oroquieta's future not only for the present generation, but also for the future generations to come.

Oroquieta City Hall - Front Plaza

The Government's defined mission and vision is unchanged, yet its plans and strategies have become stronger than ever. With the support of the Honorable Vice Mayor Lemuel Meyrick M. Acosta, and the team effort of the Council and other cabinet members, the City Government has reaped numerous positive outcomes from its hard work. The City Government's collaborative approach is what makes Oroquieta the best.

City Hall

Oroquieta City has won this year's national title for "The Cleanest and the Greenest Component City in the Philippines." Such title shows an extraordinary pride for all Oroquietanians. Oroquieta's award for naming the Layawan River as the "Cleanest River in the Nation", is another proof that strongly validates the strength and hard work poured into the city by this administration.

Today, it is evident how Oroquieta sees its improvement and outlook in the future. For this reason, OroquietaCity.com joins the country's applause for a Job Well Done.

Ging Mutia

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