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Fitness and Health

HATAW - Oroquieta's TAEBO

The compounding effects of poor lifestyle have challenged many people. While malnutrition has plagued most Third world communities, preventable chronic diseases have plagued the Western world as well. In the United States alone, death in the last century has risen as a direct result of high incidence of heart attack, cancer and stroke. As high as 500,000 heart disease-related deaths were reported in the U.S., however, that has tremendously declined since the 1970s as people’s lifestyle is changing for the better.

HATAW - Oroquieta's TAEBO

In the Philippines, similar health problems among Filipinos have increasingly surfaced. About a century ago, Diabetes is an unheard condition. Today, many Filipinos suffer from many different chronic diseases, such as Diabetes. Many of them lack the necessary education on the preventive health measures to combat such chronic diseases. The influential effects of the westernized lifestyle is taking its toll among Filipinos. These similar preventable chronic diseases, can be uprooted from risk factors, such as poor lifestyle, such as sedentary activities, stress and more importantly, poor eating habit resulting in obesity or malnutrition.

HATAW - Oroquieta's Version of TAEBO

The human body can be compared to a car engine. The car engine needs gasoline to burn for fuel and other fluids to keep it running, while the human body requires calories to burn for energy and nutrients to keep it going. However, putting too much or too less into the engine or the body - can cause monumental problems. While the car engine needs preventive maintenance, preventive health measures must also be done to the human body as well. In oder to achieve an optimal energy level, the body must also be in consonance with physical activity and eating habit - this is where you know that your metabolism is working well. When our energy level is at the highest point, we are most active and well aware of the living things around us, thereby, keeping us alert and watchful of our well-being.

Most people nowadays have awakened that fitness is important. The problem is finding out how to do or get it and stay fit. The most important point to remember is that staying fit and healthy should be a fun thing to do and not a feeling of obligation, such as going to work everyday. Each person must fit the right and individualized regimen for themselves to avoid boredom. Consistency and determination are essential in keeping up with fitness and health.

Plaza Square - Hataw Venue

From the professional point of view, I recommend lifestyle changes as opposed to total restrictions. This is because each person has individual ways of coping and adapting to new things in life. For example, healthy lifestyle is not a restriction, but rather a change in your daily living. Poor eating habit and sedentary activity are what makes up poor lifestyle, causing obesity which then leads to complicating chronic illness. Physical activity is an essential component in staying fit and healthy. Not knowing the effects of eating too much foods and less exercise can make one's life very miserable. Active people are "in-tuned" to their daily routine, while inactive people become lazy...day in and day out. Farmers from remote areas of the world continue to stay active even after the harvest. This is because their accustomed physical exertion is the unknowing structured respect between their body and them, thus giving them unlimited reciprocal energy.

Facing Place Square - Hataw Venue

In Oroquieta City, HATAW, the local version of TAE-BO is being offered to everyone. Although it may not be as explosive as TAE-BO, HATAW is very energizing which gives healthful benefits to many Oroquietanians. Spearheaded by the Department of Health, this physical fitness program is a National Government mandate to promote physical fitness among government employees and all Filipinos. The initial inception of Hataw was composed of daily physical exercise of mostly government employees. It was being held at 8:00 a.m. during the mandatory daily flag raising ceremony and flag retreat on Fridays at 4:30 p.m. Each session lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. However, participation and enthusiasm gradually diminished as days went by.

Today, HATAW is alive! Revived by the City Health Office and under the leadership of Dr. Blanche Flores, HATAW is in its full force. It is being held between 5:00-6:00 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. With Dr. Henry Famas' active involvement (as a City Councilor) and creativity, physical fitness is being conducted by qualified instructors. The focal point of this program is overall healthy lifestyle change in which weight management is among the many health risk factors that is being considered.

HATAW is absolutely free of charge and everyone is encouraged to participate. This type of program enhances people’s lives while helping the community grow into a group of healthy individuals. Such lifestyle makes Oroquieta grow as well as becoming a good contributor to the country's future economy.

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Ofelia B. Mutia, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Registered/Licensed Dietitian &
Clinical Nutritionist


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