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Health Centers

Plaque of Recognition - City Health Board

Due to the rising healthcare costs, the Philippine Government is making preventive health care a top priority. This preventive health care involves health screenings and assessments in the community. The early detection of potential risk for chronic diseases, communicable diseases and malnutrition is a life saving measure.

City Health Office - Oroquieta City

Medical treatment and immunizations, especially in children, are provided in the health centers by qualified healthcare providers or licensed clinicians. Immediate intervention is made on serious medical conditions, which are then referred to appropriate hospitals for immediate treatment. The preventive health care initiative is enriching people's lives by reducing sufferings, and improving the overall health status in the community. Thus, resulting in the reduction of healthcare costs. The reduction in healthcare costs will provide a positive impact on the nation's struggling economy.

City Health Office - Reception & Intake Area

As mandated by laws of the Philippines, the Oroquieta City healthcare system is regulated by the City Health Board who oversees and monitors the overall health programs. Dr. Emerico Conol, who in his capacity as Oroquieta City's Consultant on Health, Peace, Order and Environment is heading the health screening initiatives. The health program encompasses all of Oroquieta City's Barangay health centers. The City Health Office (CHO) is Oroquieta City's main and primary community health center.

City Health Staff - Meeting

Assigned to the CHO are physicians, nurses, sanitation inspectors, medical technologists, and a midwife. They make regular visits to the Barangay Health Stations to supervise and monitor the subordinate healthcare providers called the Barangay Health Scholars (BHS) which consist of Staff Nurses and Rural Health Midwives. Regular monthly meetings are conducted by the CHO to keep abreasts of the status, regulatory compliance and overall effectiveness of the health programs.

The City Health Office (CHO) consists of 14 Barangay Health Stations (BHS), of which two Poblacion BHS area located in the main CHO. Each BHS is managed by a Rural Health Midwife who is thoroughly trained in all aspects of Barangay health programs. Certain cases that require extensive medical treatment and management are referred by the Midwife to the CHO.

Oroquieta City Health Officers

Hon. Mayor Nancy S. Bandala

Emerico L. Conol, M.D
Presiding Officer
Consultant on Health, Agriculture, Environment,
Peace &Order

Josefa T. Dignum, M.D.
President, Misamis Occidental Medical Society,
Oroquieta City Chapter

Rogelio R. Roa, M.D., MPH
Co-chairman and City Health Officer II

Henry J. Famas, M.D.
Chairman of SP Committee on Health

Blanche B. Flores, M.D., MPH
City Health Officer I, DOH Representative

Juliana R. Santiago, M.D.
DEC Medical Officer IV

Rural Health Physicians
Jose I. Flores, M.D.
Guillermo I. Flores, M.D.

Ernesto Juan, D.D.M

City Health Office Staff

Jocelyn M. Cabilin, R.N.
Nurse (Admitting)

Gary P. Lamparas, R.N.
Nurse (Pharmacy)

Public Health Nurses
Viena. E. Taladua, R.N.
Erlinda O. Maturan, R.N.
Rosanna B. Valenzuela, R.N.

Staff Nurses (Admitting)
Mylyn Guieb, R.N.
Stella S. Paderanga, R.N.

Milagros L. Ompoc
RSI/Nutritionist (OIC Nutrition Program)

Medical Technologists
Idorni T. Leopoldo
Zeideh B. Tagnipis

Conchita Tizon
Staff Midwife, Family Planning

Rural Sanitation Inspectors
Manuel Q. Tizon
Marissa C. Cagas
Gloria L. Mutia
Generosa A. Cabug

Barangay Health Station Staff

Staff Nurses - Upper Loboc BHS
Sheila C. Ondo, R.N.
Stella Salabas, R.M.

Aurora T. Abuton
Rural Health Midwife, San Vicente Alto BHS

Luneta C. Cuthing
Rural Health Midwife, Pines BHS

Concordia Q. Banawa
Rural Health Midwife, Binuangan BHS

Fedelina A. Enerio
Rural Health Midwife, Talairon BHS

Josefa S. Yrag
Rural Health Midwife, Villaflor BHS

Prescilla C. Pacarro
Rural Health Midwife, Lower Rizal BHS

Lourdes V. Tuazon
Rural Health Midwife, Upper Loboc BHS

Arsencita B. Baldesoto
Rural Health Midwife, City Health Office

Rufe L. Sarancial
Rural Health Midwife, Dolipos Alto BHS

Emeliana E. Campomanes
Rural Health Midwife, Talic BHS

Necita C. Albios
Rural Health Midwife, Mobod BHS

Maricris G. Centino
Rural Health Midwife, Dullan Sur BHS

Deny Masayon
Rural Health Midwife, Bunga BHS

Beverly Bulawan
Rural Health Midwife, Mialen BHS

Other City Health Office Staff

Merlinda L. Soriano
Staff Clerk

Utility Workers
Isabelo T. Montipon
Gabriel P. Moreno
Elvie M. Amarille

Cleofe C. Campeceno
City Health Office Storekeeper

City Health Office Drivers
Adelante Sanchez
Ernani Junio


Ging Mutia


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