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Medicine has a primary role in the care of patients. For this reason, billions of prescription and non-prescription drugs are dispensed every year worldwide. In the United States alone there are probably about a million different medications available. In the Philippines, the availability of medicine is still in scarce supply; again, due to our country's struggling economy.

Botica Jane - Oroquieta City's Version of America's CVS Pharmacy

Besides the ancestral's primitive use of natural herbs to cure illness, the present society is faced with the new influx of non-prescription or "Over-the-Counter" (OTC) drugs and nutritional supplements. Such widespread use of OTC drugs and supplements has caught worldwide attention. This is because unsupervised use of these can be detrimental to the human body. For example, certain OTC drug can adversely affect your health if you are taking another drug that interacts with such OTC drug. In addition, misuse or abuse of drugs can be fatal. There are certain drugs that can alter the body's ability to retain the important nutrients, such as the vitamins and minerals, thus adversely affecting the overall nutritional health.

The OTC nutritional supplements are not regulated by a governing body to protect the public. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all prescription drugs. OTC drugs and nutritional supplements on the hand, are not regulated by FDA. Therefore, the safe use of such substances is in your mercy.

Therefore, it is always safe to ask the Pharmacist when you buy an OTC drug. Whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed medicine, it is always important to read the directions or instructions written on the medicine bottle or label. This compiled list of Pharmacy and Drugstore will help you find convenience in buying the medicine you need when you are in Oroquieta City. Most of them carry generic brands to serve the bargain hunters. The dispensing of the drugs/medicine is managed and supervised by a Pharmacist. Prescription drugs, particularly controlled substance is safeguarded by Pharmacists as mandated by law. The bottom line is if you are sick, the best first step is to go see your doctor.

Botica Jane is one of Oroquieta City's major pharmacies or drugstores where prescription and non-prescription medicines are available. Botica Jane is Oroquieta City's version of the American CVS or Eckerd Pharmacy. They not only sell medicines, but also other items, such as toiletries, "ready-mixed" soups, candies, and many others. It is located in the prime district of Oroquieta City where majority of businesses are being conducted. It is where one of the "Parking Centers" for passenger vehicles is located. Parked in front of Botica Jane are motorized tricycles (Oroquieta City's taxi service) awaiting to load passengers and ready for "take-off" to their designated routes.

Note:The Nutrition Corner of www.TrekFit.com highlights an article on OTC drugs and supplements.

Pharmacy & Drugstore

Contact Persons: Emerenciana P. Conol and/or Jane C. Reyes
Luna Street
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (088) 531-1014

Contact Person: Alejandro Guantero, Sr.,
Villarin Street
Poblacion 2
Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (088) 531-1172

Corner Barrientos & Quijano Streets
Poblacion 2, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (088) 531-1050

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