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MOPH - Oroquieta City Now

Oroquieta City is blessed with groups of healthcare professionals, especially physicians and nurses, who are dedicated in service to the public. Many of them exhibit extraordinary leadership in the community. For example, Dr. Emerico Conol has taken so many initiatives to cultivate his and his colleagues’ expertise in promoting optimal health among Oroquieta’s citizens. Among them is the early intervention program where health screenings and assessments are the major components of the Community Health Centers. The Provincial Hospital and its staff have given their strong commitment to improve the public healthcare system. The private clinics and hospitals are gearing to keep up with the needs for quality of patient care as well. For that matter, Oroquietacity.com salutes them!!!

MOPH - Oroquieta City Then

Undoubtedly, Oroquieta City is behind from the world of advancing scientific methods in terms of healthcare needs. Malnutrition and chronic diseases still plague among the poor communities. Although accidents are not of "all-time high," the prevention of preventable incidents can be generated through educational process. The lack of new and sophisticated laboratories and technologic procedures limits local physicians in managing a whole wide range of medical disorders. While the existing evidence is provocative, it has not been sufficient for hospitals and clinics to sustain a financial commitment to provide such services.

Therefore, I urge everyone to help Oroquieta's community and government leaders in assessing Oroquieta's needs. Let us examine ourselves of what we may be able to assist Oroquieta City in the prevention of malnutrition and chronic diseases, such as tuberculosis. Although Oroquieta City has received equipment and services through several organizations in the past (such as the Medical Mission from our "Kababayans" abroad), there are still a lot of things that are needed in this cause.

The Provincial Hospital needs more autoclaves to sterilize surgical and other medical instruments. Wheelchairs and walkers are needed for the stroke victims, elderly and other patients with some forms of walking disability. Intravenous (IV) Pulls benefit the patients and staff from the proper handling of IV therapy. Supplies of disposable needles and appropriate disposal containers for used needles are very essential in the prevention of infection from blood borne pathogens, such as Hepatitis and AIDS; while designated proper disposal system of such needles is a must. Note: The Provincial Hospital does not only serve the Oroquieta community, but the whole province of Misamis Occidental and its neighbors.

There is no need to illustrate which and what techniques that Oroquieta City should use in measuring its community problems. For those who can make a difference out of helping in any form possible will surely impact our people and country at large.


Dignum Foundation Hospital
Upper Langcangan District, Oroquieta city
Tel. No. (coming soon)

Holy Family Clinic
Canubay District, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (coming soon)

Misamis Occidental Provincial Hospital
Lower Langcangan District, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (comingsoon)

St. Therese Hospital
Layawan District, Oroquieta City
Tel. No. (coming soon)

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