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Agricultural Calamity

El Nino

Since January 2002, the people of Oroquieta City especially in the rural areas have been frequently informed and told to prepare for the predicted El Nino Phenomenon. This phenomenon is a natural calamity that affects climatic condition. El Nino is expected to start in October and last for 8 months to one year. The effects of El Nino include drought which could adversely affect the agricultural industry in the city and the whole province of Misamis Occidental.

Corn Farming - Oroquieta City Corn Fields

For this matter, a preparation is underway to plant food crops that can withstand long dry spell, and so far only casava or camoting kahoy is identified. To this day, everyone is taking advantage of the abundance of rain by accumulating enough stocks of rice and corn to last at least for several months during El Nino’s presence. As usual because Filipinos are by nature, resourceful and independent, they continue to ensure that life goes on regardless of what crisis they may encounter.

Corn Farm - City Agriculture Staff & Dr. Conol, Consultant of Health, Peace & Environment

Presently, many of our rural farmers have already started planting cassavas. Our City Agriculture Office is taking charge of the whole matter by accumulating adequate crop seedlings to be ready for planting after the corn harvest. The City Mayor is meeting with the City’s El Nino Task Force on a regular basis for updated reports on what is being done to combat the possible forthcoming agricultural crisis.

By: Dr. Emerico L. Conol


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