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Family Legends

Legacy of a Filipino Family

Despite the extraordinary traditional success of many Oroquietanians, many lack the courage and enthusiasm to share their stories about triumph and success. Sharing such stories can inspire those who are left behind. We owe it to those who want to understand how history can allow them not just to dream, but learn how they can materialize that dream. Lack of historical information about where and how Oroquieta and its people have become is one reason why many Oroquietanians have also failed.

Discovering from preserved history will make it easier for the new generation to celebrate life by learning how to reach their potential. What might seem like an insignificant thing for us to tell to our young ones could be a very important process to make them grow. Investing our energy to show family records of triumph and success may be what we need do to make a difference about Oroquieta and its people. It is not about "bragging" anyone's big name or embarassing anyone's simple existence? It is about having a pride and joy to see Oroquieta's and Misamisnon's new generation succeed by inspiring those who are hopeless and helpless. What may seem to be a "farfetched" thought could be an awakening for some. So, I encourage everyone to tell a story about their family, their success and what we can give to the ones we left behind - a legendary inspiration. Thank you and God Bless!!!

Oroquieta Family Legends

Siton Family
Bongato-Lanoo Family
Lumantas Family
Durias Family
Santiago Family
Regalado Family
Cagas Family
Ello Family
Borromeo Family
Quijano Family
Calamba Family
More to come


Conol Family
More to come
More to come


Ging Mutia


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