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Oroquieta's Legendary Citizens

I have created this page to honor Oroquieta’s legendary forefathers whose immeasurable talents have influenced Oroquieta’s history. Most of them have indulged in the political trend even at the expense of their personal commitment to their families just so they could save Oroquieta for us and the future generation. The threat of bewildering Oroquieta’s existence at its early age was eventually revolutionized by the hardworking and dedicated legends who have made what Oroquieta is all about and what it is today.

My utmost respect to these legendary citizens is deeply rooted by their surreal accomplishments. Reading through the stories of their sacrifices and sufferings has amazingly renewed my interest to broaden my knowledge in the spectrum of not only the Philippine history, but the awesomeness that is planted into Oroquieta’s history as well. From humble beginnings with dedication and determination to make a difference for Oroquieta, they unraveled the Oroquietanians’ amazing characterization of a true Filipino. With that, they gave their brilliant and evocative efforts toward their campaign in promoting Oroquieta’s stature to be among the most recognized city in the nation.

To the legends who applied themselves tirelessly so that we can enjoy what Oroquieta has to offer today - We thank God for you!!!

Note: I would like to call on anyone who could help me in writing the profile of any of the legendary Oroquietanians listed below. I realize that there are many of those who fit this description, so please help me recognize them. (If only my maternal ancestors were alive today, I believe that they could give me a great story to tell about Oroquieta.) Please feel free to e-mail me a profile or biography of any Oroquieta legend. Thank you and God Bless!!!

Oroquieta Legends

Attorney Paulino A. Conol, Sr.
Mr. Jesus Montalvan
Municipal President Anecito Enerio
Municipal President Telesforo Porquez (1903-1904),
Municipal President Apolinar Cabibil (1905)
More to come


Municipal President Richard Paradies
Municipal President Francisco Enerio
Vice Municipal President Bonifacio Roa
Municipal President Tomas Paler
Vice Municipal President Agapito Abuton
More to come


Ging Mutia


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