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Political Structure

In the early 1900s, the political structure of the Philippine government was changed. The ruling body of the town that was headed by what was then called "Capitan" was changed to "Municipal President." Records have indicated that Telesforo Porquez (1903-1904), and Apolinar Cabibil (1905) respectively, were the appointed Municipal Presidents of Oroquieta.

According to history, in 1905 the government had changed its law mandating that election process will be used in appointing government officials to run the government. Such process also mandated that the election date would be held on the first day of November and the elected officials assume their respective positions on the first day of January of the following year.

Since the election was enacted, several officials have assumed their duties to run the municipality of Oroquieta. Among them were as follows: (1906-1907) Municipal President Richard Paradies, Vice Municipal President Vicente Fortich; (1908-1909) Municipal President Francisco Enerio, Vice Municipal President Bonifacio Roa; (1910-1911) Municipal President Tomas Paler, Vice Municipal President Agapito Abuton. Reports also indicated that President Richard Paradies was a retired soldier of the American Army who married a Filipina, Emilia Fortich. His administration brought a lot of changes and improvement, such as the creation of a good Police Force Organization, which gave an overall positive impact to Oroquieta.

Another elected government official who made significant improvement during his administration was Municipal President Anecito Enerio. According to reports, President Enerio was instrumental in promoting the increase of children’s enrollment in schools by heading a school and road construction projects.

In 1912, the election date was changed to the first Tuesday of May and the elected officials assumed their duties on October 16, 1012. To this date, no records were found showing that other municipal officials were elected besides the President and Vice President capacities. It is believed that the records were either destroyed or lost.

On May 1, 1915 the political structure of the municipal government has elected another municipal president and vice president. However, this time municipal councilors were also elected as part of the governing body to run the government.

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