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According to Dr. Emerico L. Conol (Oroquieta City, Consultant on Health, Peace, Order and Environment ), that many Oroquietanian high schools students are now utilizing the internet access to research valiable information for their school work projects. The students are using the computers serviced by the city's Internet Cafe. Each hourly use is charged with a fee. Depending on the system's downloading capability, the students may not get the full information that they are searching for, especially if they don't have enough money to pay for more hours on the computer use. Therefore, in order to help facilitate the students' search, I have designed the links to include direct download of several interesting sites on health, science, safety, and agriculture which are believed to be the most topics used in high school projects.

Health, Science and Safety

  • A N D - Excellent Resource on Diet and Nutrition
  • D H H S - Absolute Resource on Health, Safety & Well-Being
  • D O T - Transportation & Safety
  • Fitness - Council on Fitness & Sports
  • Hepatitis - Hepatitis Prevention
  • N I D A - Drug Abuse Program
  • N I H - World Leader in Health Scientific Research
  • TrekFit - Trekking, Fitness & Nutrition
  • Agriculture - Good Farming Resources

Pinoy Hometown



  • Touristcenter.com - One Stop Travel Solution. Use this on your next travel plans.
  • Almers.nu - See the magnificient photo gallery of a friend from Sweden - featuring "The Wonders of Thailand"

Ging Mutia


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