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Tatong Beach Resort

Most of the hotels and lodging facilities in Oroquieta City have air-conditioned room and equipped with TV, telephone, refrigerator, bathroom and most of all, swimming pools. Supporting facilities such as restaurants, coffee shoppes, moderately sized multi-function halls, basketball courts, beauty parlours, gymnasiums and medical services are all available within easy reach. Oroquieta City also has several stores, business centers, banks and post office to accommodate your functional business needs.

Tatong Beach Resort - Main Building

Although Oroquieta City does not have "five-star" hotels, the heart-warming hospitality and quality of service that you receive from the hotel management and staff give you more than that feeling of an "all-star" celebrity. The management and staff speak English and are very accommodating to everyone needing an interpreter, should a foreign visitor speak a language other than English.

Tatong Beach Resort - Swimming Pool Facing Shore Front

The majority of the hotels and lodging facilities in Oroquieta City offer many services to make your visit very pleasant and memorable. While most of the hotels are more than 10 years old, Tatong Beach Resort is the newest one. Ideally situated on the sandy shores of Barangay San Vicente Bajo (formerly named Baybay Dagatan) and overlooking the Iligan Bay, Tatong Beach Resort is a dream village of tropical atmosphere with bungalow units. This village is an ideal place for local and international visitors.

Tatong Beach Resort - Swimming Pool

The dazzling crystal blue sea and the lush greenery of the surroundings set the atmosphere of this resort that really makes you feel as if you are far away from the daily pressure in life. The hectares of green coconut trees show a backdrop of the tropics that is naturally landscaped into a harmony of nature. The swimming pool is greatly sculptured where adult and children enjoy the fun in the sun with unpolluted rays from the sky.

Tatong Beach - Shore Front

The Tatong Beach Resort is owned and operated by Engineer Ralston Regalado, the son of Mr. & Mrs. Tatong Regalado of Manila. Ralston grew up in Manila, but his ancestry can be traced through our forefathers of the Mutia blood family of Aloran. Like his father, Ralston is engaged in business constructions where he utilizes his skills not only to generate revenues, but to help Oroquieta City and its people by providing the city with one of the best resort accommodations in the Philippines.

Ging Mutia


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