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Council of Churches

The world’s need to unite the human aspects of life is challenged by the society’s influence to separate church and state. Some countries in the world are dictated by religion while others are controlled by their political system by which the human functioning is based on coercive measures, brainwashing techniques and thought-controlled process. However, there are still many countries that work strongly in balancing church and state where freedom of expression is so valued to promote peace and order within the community.

Oroquieta City Council of Churces

The Philippines is a country of predominantly Christian communities. The majority groups are Roman Catholics, while the other groups are non-Catholics and non-Christian denominations, all of which together, they strive in creating a workable environment within the society. It is very difficult, however, to achieve a cohesive form of denominational and non-denominational stronghold community without being challenged by religious intolerance. As a matter of fact, there are still communities in the Philippines that continue to feud as a result of religious strife.

Nevertheless, the Philippines has now focused in promoting religious tolerance by creating a framework that is totally based on valued freedom of expression. Many religious and community leaders are now facing the tasks of emphasizing the fundamentals of human rights. This is because Filipinos strongly believe that human rights are the basics of freedom to express one’s belief and practice.

For that reason, many religious organizations in the Philippines are created to achieve a common goal --- peace and order within the community and the country at large. The Council of Churches in Oroquieta City is an association made up of 38 religious orders. Each sector is represented by a priest, minister, pastor, deacon or staff members. Their tasks involve many areas of responsibilities where every person is welcome to participate in strategizing to relieve societal problems, such as drugs, peace, order and religious conflicts. They are one of the few groups of religious orders where they coexist without a clash. They work with the City Government to foster a collaborative and constructive dialogue. This involves supporting and acknowledging individual religious groups to have legitimate reason to practice and validate their human rights. Such a dialogue enables every person to step forward to accept cultural and religious diversity whereby inhibiting religious prejudice.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said that he had "a dream that someday his children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character." He added to say that "without tolerance there is no religious liberty, no freedom of conscience and no freedom of thought." What Dr. King Jr. meant was that we should let freedom ring all across the universe. Promoting religious tolerance while valuing each individual right enables us to accept diversified nature, thus helping us achieve peace among us...and that’s how freedom rings. Regardless of your individual religious beliefs and practices, whether you are a Christian or non-Christian...we share a common ground and that is a strong belief in one and absolute Supreme Being.

Council of Churches & Church Affiliations

Pastor Pablito M. Balan
Anchorby Evangelistic Association of the Philippines

Pastor Eddie C. Estoquia
Alliance Fellowship Church

Pastor Felix E. Arcino
Assembly of God

Rev. Terry J. Banaag
Assembly of God

Pastor Ruel M. Maglangit
Assembly of God

Rev. Alfonso S. Sibuala
Assemblyof God

Pastor Noel b. Constantino
Baptist Conference of the Philippines

Pastor Necias A. Chiong
Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Marcelo Y. Japay
Charismatic Worship Center

Pastor Nildo A. Barimbao
Charismatic Worship Center

Pastor Rebecca C. Junio
Christ International Mission Churches of the Philippines

Rev. Nelson Flores
Church of Christ

Pastor Allan A. Mordize
Church of Christ

Pastor Olimpio B. Lumacad
Church of Christ

Elder Arturo B. Macalisang
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints

Elder Rogelio L. Abaa
Church in Oroquieta City

Elder Benigno D. Vicente
Church in Oroquieta City

Rev. Greg Q. Onggona
City Alliance Church

Rev. Lucresio A. Alaban
Evangelical Church of Oroquieta

Rev. Maclin P. Abugan
Evangel Community Church/EAMI

Pastor Jonathan S. Carbajosa
Faith Christian Fellowship

Pastor Pepito M. Bacus
Faith Tabernacle Church

Pastor Nathan C. Bendoy
Good News Center

Rev. Robert M. Bendoy
Good News Center

Rev. Sarah C. Bendoy
Good News Center

Pastor Maquiling
Grace Gospel Church of Christ

Rev. Father. Henry Rebel
Holy Rosary Catholic Church

Minister Ped Salce
Iglesia Ni Cristo

Pastor Ernesto D. Arado, Sr.
Jesus Movement Church

Bishop Dionel G. Ogsoc

Pastor Lucilo Oclaret

Pastor Marcelino A. Paler, Jr.
New Millennium Church

Rev. Ramson B. Magto
Oroquieta Evangelical Church

Pastor Jose R. Caga-anan
Oroquieta New Life

Rev. Father. Raul Amorcillo
Philippine Independent Catholic Church

Rev. Sonny A. Castor
Pines Evangelical Church

Pastor Gaddy M. Noguerra
Reality of Christ Fellowship

Pastor Eddie M. Bendoy
S & D of the Lord God Almighty Fellowship

Elder Rodrigo P. Bendoy
Seventh Day Adventist

Pastor Teodoro P. Manon-og
Taboc Christian Fellowship Center

Rev. Jovie O. Villaluna
Tipan Evangelical Church

Elder Eugenio P. Site, Sr.
United Church of Christ in the Philippines

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