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Women's Movement

The world has changed its course to face the issue of women's place on Earth. Many years ago, the earth was predominantly ruled by male figures while women stayed behind the scene as the minority groups of resurrected entities. That has changed during the last two decades where women's movement has become stronger than ever. Today, the society has finally recognized the need to accept the role of women in proportion with men.

Rural Improvement Club - Recognition Night

In countries such as the Third World communities, the role of women is still way behind the advancing culture. Many are still hidden from the realms of reality that women play important roles in many aspects of life on earth. However, there are also many parts of the Third World countries, such as the Philippines where women's role has become the focus of the advancing culture. As a matter of fact, the Philippines is blessed to have the leadership of a woman, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Oroquieta City is also blessed with the strong female leadership of Mayor Nancy Soriano Bandala.

RIC Building

In Oroquieta City, several organizations have been created with a common purpose of providing a positive impact in the community and the country at large. The women's organizations in Oroquieta City have particularly geared their plans into action. For example, "The Balikatan sa Kaunlaran" movement is a group of professional Oroquietanian women who are very active in civic activities that lend their support shoulder-to-shoulder with the city administration. Another group of Oroquietanian women, "The Rural Improvement Club" (RIC) whose majority members are housewives from the 47 Barangays of Oroquieta City, strongly working together to empower the women in the community.

Rural Improvement Club - Parade

Although the women's organizations in Oroquieta City are working as individual units, they share a common goal to promote women's role in the community. Their tasks are so widespread that every woman is given the opportunity to embrace the advancing culture. They promote a broad perspective and act on the pressing issues facing women. They teach to empower women economically, socially, and politically. Women are taught new skills so they can help earn a living. Many routes are used, such as the public education campaign through grass roots effort to promote leadership development, especially among younger women.

With hard work and determination to succeed, the women's movement In Oroquieta City is systematic in bringing women into the world of leaders and decision makers. Their commitments in the community are "gender strength" which enable women to embrace this advancing culture.

Ging Mutia


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