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A picture is a reflection of memories - some depicts calmness of life, others look like a perfect picture of peace, a few may show the loneliness away from home, some reflects the strength and love for humanity, while others are just intended to advertise the medium of photography. Whichever way you interpret the meaning of a photograph ...... this page can best describe that for you. These pictures are from different origins, but the true identity comes straight from you - the Filipino creation that God wants you to be!!! Share your photographs with your brother and sister Filipinos around the globe, from sea to shining sea, from the Wetlands to the Lowlands, from the Northpole to the Southpole and to Down Under (Australia). Note: Because of several projects which I am currently working, I am unable to accept any more photos for posting except for the "Festivities/Reunion" under the "Community Section". Thanks for your continued love and support. Take Care and God Bless!!!

      Judith Acain
Judith Acain Family Shelley Lyle Beniga Lyle Beniga
Lyle Beniga Lanie Talaroc Farm Lanie Talaroc Farm Lanie Talaroc Farm

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By: Ofelia Bayutas Mutia


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Tuesday, December 25, 2007