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Education is a Must! Growing up without a mother, I was very fortunate to have been raised by my paternal grandparents. My fatherís clan was made up of educators where education was and still is a top priority. At first grade I had learned what it was like to explore life through education. My first grade teacher was my Aunt who had given me the very first opportunity to accomplish a career in life.

My world turned its course when my grandfather (the patriarch of the Mutia-Paderanga clan) died just as I was entering high school. My dreams to finish high school and college became so vague. With tenacity and determination to conquer life, I used several avenues including a plan to attend school and work part-time under an auspice of a "working-student." I didnít have any luck on such plan, but I finished high school, of course with thorns on my sides. Resurfacing the stamina of my dreams, I went off to college, but with so much agonizing sacrifices, such as eating one meal a day and wearing one set of school uniform over and over again. Losing my grandmother as I was entering college was another blow to my future. With very limited resources and moral support, I finished a bachelorís degree in college, while tumbling into several roller-coaster rides of my life.

From there on, I just let life took its course, which led me to accomplish my graduate studies in the United States with similar, but satisfying sacrifices. It was satisfying because God gave me the opportunity to have people around me who believed in me and trusted my ability to succeed. By this time, my life was very meaningful because of the love and affection that I received from my two beautiful and wonderful children.

While enjoying the success of my career, God has shown me how to share the Blessings that He has given me. With that, I focused on passing on my educatorsí legacy by serving as a university adjunct clinical instructor and successfully helped aspiring college students earn their college degree.

Consequently, a reappearing nightly dream has been nagging me through the years. In my dream, God was showing me the lifetime sacrifices that I have made, while giving me the signs on how to make a meaningful change of that very sad and painful childís life. Without any hesitation, I promised God that I will (in every possible way), extend every opportunity to any children who possess the similar qualities and dreams to achieve higher education.

Therefore, I decided to produce Oroquietacity.com to help Oroquieta City and its people, with its main goal --- to generate a Scholarship Foundation to provide those outstanding and aspiring elementary graduates with the opportunity to pursue his/her secondary education. I chose Oroquieta first - in tribute to my mother, Narcisa Bayutas who was an Oroquietanian; and next, Aloran - to thank Aloran for the life and high school education that was afforded to me. I extended the plan for Jimenez to give aspiring Elementary graduates from Mohon Elementary School (where I graduated) of that same opportunity.

Ging Mutia


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