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Misamis University

Oroquieta City Campus

Misamis University - Oroquieta City Campus

MU OrCampus is based on the enduring partnership between the University and the region it serves. It is predicated on the recognition that the University can best serve the community by being in the community and by supporting those organizations that touch the lives of people in the community. That is why we consider Oroquieta City to be our foremost partner and greatest resource. The university and the city, both creative wellsprings of ideas, look to each other for inspiration, enrichment, and solutions.

Brief History - Misamis University

What began in 1929 as the Misamis Institute is today's one of the leading universities in the Philippines. In June 1929, Dr. Hilarion T. Feliciano and his wife, Doņa Maria Mercado Feliciano, founded the Kolambugan Academy in Kolambugan, Lanao del Norte as the first private high school in this part of the country. Two years later, the school site was transferred to Misamis (now Ozamis City) so that the school could serve a bigger segment of the population. The school was renamed Misamis Institute.

The school reopened in 1946 and in the same year the government recognition was obtained for the complete elementary and secondary courses.The founders courageously launched a program of expansion during the early part of the postwar period. Education, Commerce, Liberal Arts, and Law were the first courses offered. All these courses gained full government recognition in 1953.

Misamis University - Health Sciences

In 1955, the name of the school was changed to Misamis Colleges. In 1974 the first graduate course leading to the Master of Arts in Education as well as the BS Civil Engineering gained recognition. This was followed by two other courses, Midwifery in 1975, and BS Social Work in 1976. The year 1977 was very significant as the institution was granted the university status. Dr. Jaime M. Feliciano became the first President of Misamis University. Two years later, government recognition was granted to the B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nursing, and Bachelor in Agricultural Technology were granted the government permit. Recognition was obtained for B.S. in Criminology and Secretarial Administration in 1980 and 1981 respectively.

On March 30, 1984, Dr. Nestor M. Feliciano took the helm of the University and was installed second President of the University. The graduate degrees of Doctor in Education and Masters in Public Administration and the undergraduate course in B.S. Community Development received recognition in 1984. The MBA program was recognized in 1985 and the following year, the BS Agricultural Education, Psychology, Biology, Zoology, Doctor in Dental Medicine, Forestry and Associate in Criminology were also granted government permit. The Computer Technology course was recognized in 1988.

Misamis University - Maritime

In 1989, the Instructional Media Center was constructed and was subsequently equipped to complement the development program of the school. In the same year the laboratory of the College of Engineering was updated attaining full compliance to the requirements of the Technical Panel for the Engineering and Architectural Education. The BS in Accountancy received recognition from the DECS in 1992. To meet the changing demands of the times, two new majors were added in the graduate education program in 1994, the English Language Teaching and Mathematics Education, and a new undergraduate course, the BS in Computer Science. Recognition of the Forest Ranger Cerificate, BS in Physical Therapy and BS in Medical Technology was granted in 1995.

The latest offerings of the University included the Master of Arts in Nursing, Certificate in Marine Transportation, Certificate in Marine Engineering, BS in Marine Transportation, BS in Marine Engineering, BS in Computer Engineering and the BS in Occupational Therapy in 1994 and Master in Nursing in 1995.

To complement the paramedical courses offered by the institution, the university launched a new modern state of the art Misamis University Medical Center (MUMC). The Medical Center provides an excellent training for the students in Nursing, Midwifery, Medical Technology, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. In 1996, the University took a bold leap by connecting to the Information Superhighway. The INTERNET was installed through the FAPENET facilities. Misamis University established the Quality Standard System (QSS) in 1998 to raise the standard of training and competence of maritime students and to facilitate their entry into the global maritime industry.

For more information, visit: Misamis University - Home

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