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Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School

Oroquieta Agro-Industrial School was established in Barangay Clarin Settlement, Oroquieta City in 1971 by virtue of RA 4941. The school is authorized to offer both secondary and post-secondary courses in industrial and trade technologies. Post-secondary course in agricultural technology was offered in 1975 and trade technology courses were offered in 1980 at Villaflor campus, Oroquieta City. The growth and development of the school was hampered in 1982-1989 because of the peace and order conditions in the area. It was for this reason, that the seat of administration was moved to Barangay Villaflor where trade clustered courses were offered.

Oroquieta City Agro-Industrial School

Its location now Villaflor, Oroquieta City has been favorable and advantageous for many students who seek for affordable Technical Education. Students from different places of Oroquieta City and neighboring towns can now avail on low-cost quality Technical Education with special emphasis on Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Garment & Technology. Indeed, Oroquieta City Agro-Industrial School (OASIS) has been contributing a lot for the solution of educating the poor, but deserving students within the service area of the school.

TESDA brings to OASIS a new hope for its vision for Center of Excellence, in agricultural production, and training of middle-level manpower, a new challenge with the assurance for a sustainable technical vocational education and training to produce globally competitive workforce.

Oroquieta City Agro-Industrial School

In responding to government priority program thrust, and in compliance with the provision of the Agriculture and Fishery Modernization Act of 1997, the school has been working out development in improving crop and animal production to support the food security program of the government. Goat raising, swine and poultry production are the flagship projects of the school. This is probably one of the major contributions of OASIS in its quest as a center of excellence in food production. Agro-forestry project is now in the process of development in addition to the existing orchard and forest tree farms. The site of the agro-forestry project has been considered as a mini-jungle forest where species of trees for lumber are found. Preservation of several forest trees has been one of the concerns of OASIS to conserve the flora and fauna in the area. Eco-tourism project was started to develop in the mini-forest to attract local and foreign environmentalists and tourists.

Oasis is now leading its way towards a better future. A brighter tomorrow when people find no room for destiny to be shaped not by chance, but by choice. No matter how hard would it be to realize the dream, just like a tree that can not easily be uprooted by strong wind and rain, OASIS becomes strong and determined to go on since it is deeply anchored by TESDA's vision and mission.

For more information about OASIS see: "OASIS Program Structures" and Courses Offered

Posted and Reprinted By: Ging Mutia
(With Permission from OASIS through Dr. Conol)


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