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Stella Maris College

Independence Street
Oroquieta City, Philippines 7207
Telephone: (088) 531-1675

Stella Maris College is a Catholic learning institution for all grade levels -Kindergarten to College. Founded in 1930 by the Franciscan Missionary of Mary, Stella Maris College is headed by Sister Sonia B. Frugalidad, FMM who is the School Directress and High School Principal. Ms. Aida B. Bringas is the school’s designated Elementary and Pre-Elementary Principal. While the College Dean is Dr. Julia Dolalas whose task encompasses all aspects of quality higher education for students of all races.

Stella Maris College - School Front Ground

Affiliated with the Holy Rosary Catholic church of Oroquieta City, Stella Maris College is nestled within the church compound. Built in the 1930s and headed by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, the Stella Maris convent is also located within the church compound. At the back of the main college building is a quadrangle of school buildings. The overall buildings of Stella Maris College stand on a large acre block of land located within a walking distance from the Oroquieta City Hall and the Public Plaza.

Stella Maris College - Oroquieta City

Today, the school opens its doors to aspiring students who thrive for quality education and academic excellence. The school programs are geared in providing a wholesome Christian education (particularly Catholicism) which involves molding the students with values in religion and self discipline. Starting at Kindergarten through High School level, Stella Maris College fosters accelerated knowledge in all aspects of studies to prepare the students to embrace the challenges at college level. Stella Maris College offers a four-year Bachelor's degree in Education, Arts (with majors in English, History and Mathematics), Accountancy, Commerce, Secondary Education (with majors also in English, History and Mathematics), Elementary Education, and more

Stella Maris Convent - Oroquieta City

Stella Maris College has a dedicated and supportive professional staff whose teaching codes include providing all students with respect, dignity and integrity while ensuring a safe and positive learning environment. Opportunity for parental involvement is strongly encouraged to boost open communication between the students, school and parents. The school curriculum includes the provision of English as a second language to better prepare the students personally and professionally. Honor students are integrated into the regular classrooms to foster equal opportunity for education for all students while placing them in a fully inclusive environment.

The Philippine Division of Higher Education duly recognizes Stella Maris College as an institution for higher learning. In addition to its comprehensive educational programs, the school aims in maximizing the students potential by extending a program for extra-curricular activities to foster the students’ talents. Students are encouraged to participate in sports, such as baseball, basketball and soccer; and develop creativity or promote artistic talents, such as art, music, dance, drama, gymnastics and others.

The impact of the advancing technology has challenged Stella Maris College. However the overall continued improvements within the Stella Maris College system remain the school's focus in this millennium.

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