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Education Overview

Learning is facilitated when a student who needs to know about what is being taught is given a chance to participate. The Philippine school system is equipped with excellent educators who possess extraordinary knowledge, skills and abilities to develop educational programs that would benefit students. Whether it’s a private or public institution, the school curriculum includes a course of study where teachers develop appropriate goals, objectives, and levels of comprehensiveness, such as deciding what topic to cover and in what depth. More and more practical applications are now being used versus the traditional theoretical applications. Such techniques are aimed to effectively benefit the students personally and professionally once they leave school.

Misamis Occidental National High School - Oroquieta City

Practicum or traineeship is required before graduation to increase the retention of knowledge and skills. Students are evaluated through the grading and testing systems while providing the family with the opportunity to participate through the enhanced feedback system. Such evaluation method is designed to impact the education program within the school system. In addition, it is used to determine the effectiveness of the program itself and future justification for more grants and funding.

The use of instructional designs, programs, as well as equipment are so essential to enhance learning and allow students to meet the challenge of the world’s need for scholars. However, because of the ongoing struggle for appropriate budget, many schools are still deficient in such learning techniques. Although tuition fees and books are being provided in the public high schools through Government budget, school uniforms and other pertinent school materials are not. The need for computers to meet the challenge for advanced technology still remains an important issue. Such advanced technology enables many aspiring students to excel in their class and earn advanced degrees.

It is important to match a student’s intellect and ability to aim for his/her goals. The way to do it is to provide them with the opportunity to attend school. However, because of poverty and ignorance, many parents are reluctant or unable to even think of their children’s future. Parent’s vocations can affect when and how they see their children’s future. Because of economic problems, a decrease in income or rise in expenses - parents somehow, back off from their obligation to send their children to school. Education can fruitfully provide improvement in people’s lives as well combat our country’s illiteracy problem. Therefore, EDUCATION is a MUST.

For this reason, OroquietaCity.com is working to establish a scholarship foundation for high schools in Oroquieta City, Aloran and Jimenez. The section "Scholarships" provides all the details about the foundation.

Ging Mutia


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